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by | Feb 22, 2022 | Workshop

Adaire Palmer, TV producer

“Sustainable Living and a Laptop Lifestyle” with Adaire Palmer

I considered how much of my life I wanted others to control and how much I wanted to be at the mercy of others. At one stage in my life, I didn’t have a home to call my own for a couple of years, and decided I didn’t want to have a mortgage or pay rent, and that I wanted flexibility, freedom and to be movable. So I bought a houseboat in the Southern Moreton Bay group of islands at Coochiemudlo Island.

My vision was to have a sustainable lifestyle and I was able to do it by not having to go to a nine to five job, and being able to have a laptop lifestyle.

I just thought I can have it all. Then the Universe responded with ‘how bad do you want it?’ How serious are you? And threw some obstacles in my way like a boat full of holes, an electrical system that didn’t work, and no access to internet so I would have to stand on the hill to get a signal, but I kept going and built my resilience.

It was also about having something that I owned. Once it’s set up properly, there’s no mortgage, no rent, no electricity bills, and no water bills. There are maintenance costs, as with most things.

There are two crucial things that you need to live a laptop lifestyle, one is electricity and the other is the internet. These are critical to keep you connected to the outside world and enable you to do the things you need to create a lifestyle. The other thing is to build resilience.

If I’d have done a list of pros and cons of living on a houseboat, I wouldn’t have done it!

I was intuitively doing something that I knew would be good for me and good for the environment. If I can inspire others to step up and do something that’s completely out of the ordinary and definitely feels like they need to do, then follow your dream, whatever that may be for you.

The majority of the time I live on the boat by myself, as I like having my space and I love living here. My wonderful partner Nige, is on and off the boat, as he works during the week, so it all  works really well.

The sense of freedom and independence is wonderful but I’m also totally supported by the amazing community here.

There are some essential systems that you need to have in place to live a laptop lifestyle including electricity, a laptop and decent internet, mobile broadband. I had 180 gig a month on my phone and was constantly running out of data so now I have 400 gig a month and probably pay four times as much as what you would for unlimited data on your NBN network. You need to have battery backup so I’ve got solar panels and new lithium batteries.

I’d love to have a flotilla, a community of boats that are connected with a floating yoga studio.

I need the extra gig because I run a number of livestream shows online for clients, as well being an Amazon live influencer so if you’ve got oracle cards, products, books or anything on Amazon, I’d love to have you on as a guest, to be the megaphone that helps get you out there.

If you have a business presence on Facebook and would like to explore what you’re doing well and where you can improve, I’d love to offer you a complimentary Health Check on your Facebook business page. Simply download the Health Check and book in for a Zoom chat, top left inside the Heath Check.

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