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Finding Peace in Challenging Times

The Studio & Gallery experience

What I offer is unique and transformative, I often feel some of what you feel, I go on a journey with you as my client, using the tools I’ve developed over many years, including Transpersonal Counseling, NLP, and my background of experiencing trauma when I started to use art as therapy for myself, a form of self expression and self development, which then became my own process of creative and personal growth then my Creative Flow process I offer today.

I’ve been doing a lot of movement meditation with people in my studio and really enjoying seeing how much people are gaining from the experience.

I just had one on the weekend and one of my philosophies that I find important is for people to feel safe and comfortable to move, and to focus on themselves, not worrying what anyone else is doing or what they think.

I ask them to close their eyes and we turn the lights off and just have fairy lights on. It’s quite dark but sparkly, and you’ve got the music, and you change from one state of mind to another, and go into your zone.

I encourage people to know that any sound that they make can help them so you don’t have to make any fancy sounds, just any sort of release in the shower or in the car. If you’re feeling anxious just focus on slowly breathing, relax your shoulders, speak slower, and just allow a sound to come out, a tone and if you can, close your eyes and just go within and allow yourself to be still, present and silent.

When we do the Creative Flow sessions, we also encourage participants to close their eyes, and they choose the colors of the pastels with their eyes closed. It’s a fascinating thing to watch as a group, because sometimes people will use the same color as what they’re wearing, sometimes the whole group resonates and they have similar colours, but it’s mostly about finding your own space and your own peace within.

Once again you go into your own zone, letting go and going with the flow, very relaxing and healing. Not so much a focus on talking about what is arising but just allowing the energy of it to release and just to let go.

There’s the Gallery side of it too, the art side is what I would call a sensory gallery. I encourage people to touch my art, which you don’t get in any other gallery that I know of, because I use a lot of texture, a lot of found objects, a lot of nature. I love texture and am a very sensory and tactile person.

The difference in my gallery is that people feel like they can feel at home. It’s not a typical sterile gallery space, it’s a rustic studio space where everyone that comes in says how homely it feels and I’m really excited that I’ve been able to create that with the help of family and friends.

My Creative Flow Process has been powerful in assisting people build creative confidence which transfers into other areas of their lives. There are different stages of creative and personal growth in my process..flow grow and show where we can build towards your own exhibition of your art, starting from no art experience at all.

Other offerings in my studio and part of assisting you to find your inner connection include creative classes, both in studio and online, creative days and more.  I also enjoy offering many different approaches to meditation and deep relaxation for you to be able to do at home too.

Meditation mornings which can include, guided meditation journeys, movement meditation, sacred sound and light language balancing, activating and healing and connecting to you.

I also refer to it as soul language or universal language because all sorts of sound comes for the person, it’s always different depending on who I’m with. It’s a co-creation as our essences merge and whatever you need, you allow, and you’re part of that process, so I just wanted to reiterate that I feel we’re all equal, and we all have different gifts and abilities, sometimes we just need reminding or assistance in remembering.

In the beginning, the light language helped me in different stages of healing myself and my body, which is an ongoing process, and then progressively I’ve helped others to find their own language and voice to activate their own healing tools.

Some people recognise the language and understand it even though I don’t translate it for them, they just feel the energy of it because it comes through my heart. I’ve always been an over-thinker so it’s been a whole journey for me to get out of my head and just allow the sound to come through my heart without questioning it.

I say to people that they may not necessarily understand the language but I believe it’s actually a language that we used to use as a collective and we all used to understand each other because when I speak it to people, there is a part of them that just feels like they’ve come home.

How I find peace at home

I’ve had difficulty with anxiety and depression throughout my life due to multiple trauma events, like all of us, but one of my main coping mechanisms is obviously art and creative expression, and I had to do that last year through some challenging times, but I found peace and centered myself creating art.

I started  this series, and it was a journey but I didn’t know where it was going. It ended up being called the Equilibrium Series.

Which is now on show at the Connection Centre in Adelaide.

I was finding balance within the chaos and I was halfway through building my studio, and there was mess everywhere in the back area, so I went out and made even more mess, paint splattered on the pavers and up the walls but I felt like I just needed to have this expression.

It really helped me and sometimes when I paint I sing as well and do sound and movement. I sing and allow sound in the shower, the loo in the garden, in the studio, it is healing for myself and my husband too, it helps us with pain or headaches or just to get to sleep easier.

The breath is really important too,  just taking a deep breath and sometimes you get that tight feeling when the energy gets stuck under the rib cage and I have to tone or make sounds and wriggle a bit and move, which helps to shift the stuckness.

I also find journaling my feelings and thoughts also helps me to release or put into a new perspective what I am experiencing and this can include automatic writing and drawing. This helps my mindset and can shift me from a sad or frustrated state to a state of gratitude once I have released the pent up feelings onto the page.

Special Introductory Offer

Contact Suzanne for a special online sound balancing session for $45 for one hour! That’s 50% off to introduce to you to some of what I do.  Zuska Art & Soul

Sound session online experience

You’re at home, you’re comfortable, laying down on your bed or sitting in your chair, and we go from the feet up through to the head, stopping along the way at different points, and back through the other way, then whatever sounds come to me, I’ll sing to you and I clear and release energy on your behalf.  Audio is available of my singing at 19:35 minute of the video above.

Sometimes people have disassociated with their body because of past trauma, so it’s beautiful to honor them and they get to see who they are and be totally present. I do believe that when we can allow ourselves to come into our bodies and find safety there and in our environment, it changes everything.

Where does the name Zuska come from?

It’s my name in Yugoslav and my brother used to call me Zuska when we were younger and I used to hate it because he used to stir me up as I hated anything Yugoslav or anything Hungarian which is my heritage, it used to embarrass me to be different.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really embraced it now especially as my brother took his own life when he was 19, so he became my creative muse, and Zuska the name became even more important to me, its the name i now sign on each of my paintings, and Zuska was born as my creative aspect and expression,  becoming The name of my business Zuskas studio and an important part of my healing journey and path to finding and celebrating being uniquely me.

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