My Journey ~ Clive Whitby

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My Journey Clive Whitby

I arrived in Australia in 1991, on the day of the first Iraq war and I remember it vividly as Heathrow airport was surrounded by army personnel. I came over for the offer of two jobs. I was a teacher in my previous life and I had experience and qualifications that Australia needed at the time so I got a visa within three months and was here by Christmas.

January 1991 was the time I landed in Sydney and it was 40 degrees and stayed like that for a few weeks. I left the UK when it was minus seven and sleeting, so that was my first impression of Australia.

I have a first cousin who lives in Sydney and they met me at the airport, even though I’d never met them before, so I came completely without knowing anything, or with anybody, so it was a surprise when I arrived in Sydney.

I taught for about two years in a special school in Liverpool, Sydney, which is probably the hottest place in that part of the world and it took me two years to just get through the shock of the heat and the climate and the people but found my way through that and eventually got out of teaching and started my own business in a shop in Foster, Tuncurry, New South Wales. Anybody coming from foster or New South Wales put their hand up, because I may have met you because it was such a small town. Everybody knew everybody.

The shop was like an alternative lifestyle store and that led me into, let’s say more full time psychic work and I was also a Clinical Hypnotherapist at the time. I started off very slowly but the shop grew very fast because there was a great need in that part of the world and over the next nine years, it got exhausting because it became 24/7, not only dealing with the customers in the shop, but also seeing all the clients and all the people that wanted readings and hypnosis, so I was really busy, and started to acquire people from all over Australia. They came to Foster just to see me, which was a surprise.

I remember one day, a lady came in from Denmark and she said, I’ve come all the way from Denmark to see you. She heard about me when she visited New York, and she met somebody there that obviously I’d spoken to two years before and she said to go and see Clive in Australia and she said yes, okay, I’ll catch the flight.

She went back home to Denmark and then she told me the story of how she got to see me and we’ve stayed in client touch ever since off and on, so I speak to her maybe every three years now over Zoom now, which is what we use.

The shop went from strength to strength and then the landlords wanted to increase the rent, but also not give us another lease. That was the time for us to come to Noosa, so we had to close the shop unfortunately, but I still had my skills and I was doing meditation sessions twice a week with groups of six to eight people and I was also visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and did a few Mind Body Spirit festivals, which became a source of advertising and I met a lot of people. I also went to Adelaide two or three times which is where I met you.

I’ve just followed the feeling or followed, I would say, a spiritual pathway even though I wasn’t completely aware of my spiritual pathway when I first started this work in 1987, I just fell into it by mistakes but when I look back, I’d already started to see my father who had passed 10 years previously come into my living room almost every night and say this or say that and he spoke to me more when he was dead than when he was alive. He was a quiet man.

It’s true, I used to see him and, and at that point in time, I never used to say anything to anybody. I just thought that everybody could do this, everybody could see their deceased relatives, so to speak and I just got on with it and then I understood exactly what he was talking about, because I didn’t really know what he was planning for me, because there was a plan in place and I was just going well, I’ll do that and I’ll do this and I’ll see what happens and then all of a sudden I realised what it was all about.

There was a huge change in my life and 1987 and I understood exactly what he had been talking to me about all that time. I mean, we weren’t talking like you and I are at this moment in time and when I say I saw him, I saw an image in my third eye or wherever you want to say, but he definitely came through as a spiritual being, which really, as I said, our relationship wasn’t that great when he was alive but it became much more distinct when he was gone.

It’s been the same with my mum who passed just over a year after I came to Australia. She left and my relationship with her became really good. After I got into this work, even though I tried to explain to her what I was doing, whenever she met a friend in the street, she’d introduce me as her son and say he does this for living and that for a living but it was nothing like that even though I’d explained it so many times to her.

Some of your viewers will understand this, that those that are closest to you will find it difficult to completely understand what you’re into because it’s not like an engineer of a bridge, or it’s not like a manufacturer of cars, this is work that is done in a different place, in a different energy, in a different setting altogether, that we don’t really know what it’s all about, we just know there’s something there and of course when the student is ready, then the teacher comes along and I found a good teacher at that time to take me forwards because after I had that impression so many times I then went and sought a medium out for myself, even though I knew nothing about what they did or how they did it.

When I look back, I only lived five miles up the road from one of the biggest spiritualist churches in the country in the UK and I never went but I did go later but it’s a bit like sometimes being led by the nose and following your intuition and trusting that spirit is on your side and they’re not going to throw you over a cliff just yet but when the time comes, of course, they might lead you to a place where you’ll make a mistake and of course you learn a lot more from your mistakes than you do from the easy passing of life.

That’s one thing I find sometimes that nobody knows, nobody asks you about yourself – about who you are and I think this part of the difficulty of this work is it separates you out from yourself and people either want to get something from you or they want to go ah he’s one of those and run like hell.

So you have this dichotomy of just wanting to be treated as a human being as I was before 1987 or before I started doing this work. Sometimes it’s nice just to have that reality check with yourself and say, well I used to play a lot of music and I used to do a lot of this and a lot of that and I’ve been on the radio but when I went on the radio in the radio station I kept myself to myself. I didn’t want to do readings, it’s just not the place to give people messages about their dead relatives, or their baby boy that’s just died or whatever but it’s a place where I just wanted to enjoy myself and just be myself so I used to just go and play music until somebody came into the studio and said, I know who you are, you’re that man who was does readings and after that everything changed and people either ran for cover or there was one or two who got close.

I have one or two good friends and the other 35,000 people have gone. It’s not quite like that but it’s that sort of dichotomy as to who am I, you can lose yourself in who you become and if you let it just completely overtake you. Right at the beginning of my journey, I do remember a story about a lady that just went from one place to another and she went into Boots the chemist, for those who don’t come from the UK, Boots is a bit like Priceline, it’s a big place and she went in there and started to talk to all the customers and all the representatives about their dead people or their dad or their mother and, and basically they took her away and put her in an ambulance and she ended up in a psychiatric hospital after that.

That was the extreme of course but it’s interesting how times have changed. We’ve been the ones on the outside, trying to get the people on the inside just to listen to us and that’s part of the process is getting people to listen to us not just whether we want tea or coffee, but whether there’s something a little bit deeper here that you need to consider and that’s what I was talking about earlier on about understanding me or understanding you at a deep level that you’re just not Sue and you’re doing a lot more energetically speaking, which is connecting people which is connecting with a Tribe, we keep coming back to that word Tribe, so that’s been the process for the last couple of years, especially for me, has been a connection with a whole new tribe of people, which are really on the same page as me.

We’ve followed more of our intuition rather than what we’ve been listening to because if you listen to this stuff, then it just gives you brain damage but if you start to listen to what’s going on inside, the feelings that come up to the surface, then they go, oh, yeah, this is the way forward, we just need to do this and we just need to do that. I’ve found myself going back to basics, just basically stripping away everything that you no longer need in your life but what you do want in your life is a sense of belief at this time and we all need to believe in something.

Over the last 50 years, religion in its old self has disappeared, people don’t go to church very often, they don’t talk about God or the Bible or this or that but there’s been a strong push towards spirituality and of course there’s been a strong push towards the work that I do, which is developing people in their own spiritual way but also getting them to understand that life doesn’t end when you’re dead.

There is a life afterwards and we’re not supposed to be afraid and we’re not afraid. That’s also a real revelation for a lot of people that they’re not scared about dying now, they’re just happy to get away from the fear that’s been spread around. It’s like peanut butter on a piece of toast, which I used to like, but I don’t eat peanut butter anymore because it’s too fattening – it doesn’t go with the half marathon stuff.

I’ve found myself doing gardening, I’ve been digging up the garden and planting things. I’ve got spinach out the back, and I’ve got shallots, and I’ve got tomatoes that grow, self setting tomatoes everywhere. It’s crazy but it’s been a real pleasure to actually develop a garden, which is really developing yourself because you get back to nature, you get back to getting your hands in the earth and that’s where the energy comes out of actually, because that’s where we walk, we walk on the earth. So we get grounded and we don’t have to spend all that time in the headspace, going to psychiatric hospitals, so to speak.

Elena and I have been spending a lot of time running in the national parks, and just under trees, going to see waterfalls, and just getting out into Canarvan Gorge. If you ever come to Queensland go to Carnarvon gorge, which is a magnificent place. We’ve got rocks and caverns and caves, but there’s a lot of people here now starting to grasp the energy that’s starting to be created by people like yourself, and people like me that go out into the community and have a chat, have a walk, have a laugh, just bring a sense of humor, bring some positivity back into life, because the day after this crisis, so to speak, was created, I recognised that the joy, like a balloon that had been punctured and when you have balloons, they’re supposed to bring joy and happiness.

When I noticed  a day or two after the joy had just left the planet, people had stopped laughing, thinking it was going to be terrible but we’re still here, we’re still talking, we’re still communicating and really, at the end of the day, that’s what my job is, to communicate and connect with those energies that are floating around, so to speak, but also connect with the energy of the people so you get a deeper understanding of what they’re going through.

The other day, I had a father here whose son had died in his arms, he was only 12 years old. I won’t say the reason why, but you may be able to gather why because it was after a medical intervention that he had and within two hours he’d gone and the little boy came through and he didn’t know where the hell he was so they can get a bit caught up in not expecting to go so they need to be rescued.

Also part of my job is to try to get the spirit out of the place where they don’t need to be because they don’t want to die, they don’t want to be there, and they still feel as if they’re here so, again it’s that dichotomy. Am I dead? Or am I alive? I don’t want to die but I’m too early and it’s tragic.

My life, since 1991 has been dealing with people’s grief but also, on the other hand, my work has also developed into meeting a lot of lawyers. Whenever I go to Hong Kong, I always seem to attract all the lawyers and all the judges because lawyers have a job to do and they have to lie. That’s one of the qualifications of a lawyer, I’ve found.

This is just working with real people, but they come as a lawyer, so they come with a badge on. It’s incredible how many lawyers that need a psychic to give them permission, or to give them, let’s say, reassurance but you see, that’s their humanity and that’s what’s happened in the last couple of years is that people have started to connect with their humanity, which is who they are, and they are a bit scared of who they are because they’ve always had this role of being a lawyer or a judge or whatever the label was.

These last two years, because they’ve spent a bit of time on their own, they start to connect with themselves again and they come to me for reassurance to ask is it okay for me to feel this way or to think this way. I don’t want to do lawyer anymore, I want to go and do a gardener, I want to go and take trips to Fraser Island in a four wheel drive, I want to do something totally different.

Even though I’m earning 1000s and 1000s of dollars every week, or every month, they realised it’s not giving them that feeling of joy or feeling of happiness, or a feeling of fun, call it what you like. We all look for jobs in the beginning just to satisfy our parents i suppose. When I look back on my life I went into the bank and was a banker and I didn’t want to do that for two years so I left and my parents were horrified because I’ve got a nice secure job and I could have been head of Barclays Banks by now or probably retired on a huge pension and of course, that didn’t happen. I followed what was right for me, I followed my humanity right back in the 1970’s.

I started to follow my intuition in the 1970’s then when things were a bit strange, but you know, they’re a lot stranger now.If you follow your intuition, if you trust yourself at this time, then things aren’t quite as strange as they might appear. They might look crazy on the outside, but on the inside, people are starting to get together, people are starting to form groups and tribes and those communities that are going to work together to create a better life and a better lifestyle for us all. It’s whether we are able to get through it with all the stuff that comes bombarding at us.

When all this started two years ago, I asked myself, will I ever see my children again and that really was my biggest concern. My children are 45 and 41 but I’ve got three grandchildren now so it’s been a struggle but I could have just gone and got everything and got on the plane and complied with it all but I’ve never been one to fit in and that’s where our connection is, on a much deeper level. Our connection even 15 years ago was at a different level, we never even knew it but it was there, that we were always a bit rebellious or always able to step outside of that norm, so to speak. At the end of the day, we were only human and of course that tribe that we had around Rosalind’s place, all those people and then going to that centre with 20 or 30 people that turned up one night, were all of the same ilk. I don’t know whether they’re all still here but you might connect with them from time to time.

Now I’m into not only personal readings, I’m also doing churches so that’s another development in the last few years. I’ve always had that connection with churches, I’ve done churches in London and I did the spiritualist association of Great Britain one night, I just walked in there on their volunteer night and did the first reading and carried on for another 25 minutes connecting with people in the audience.

Since I’ve been in Queensland for the last two years, I’ve done a lot of church meetings and of course, that’s also a sad place when some of them I can’t see their faces.

I remember being in a little place in Cooray and I asked the audience of 28 people, how many of you actually know anybody that’s died of the C word and nobody did and then I asked how many of you have actually had any experience of suicide in the last two years. This was six months ago so this would be over the last 18 months. 12 out of the 28 put their hands up. These were close relatives and friends and I felt so bad that there were these people sitting in the audience and they were already sitting six feet apart so they couldn’t touch each other and they couldn’t hold each other’s hands, and they were thinking about their son or their daughter or their mother or their father that had committed suicide.

I’m sort of bringing the energy back down again but this is a problem. It’s a reality and this is humanity going through the process of trying to decide whether to stay alive or not. I mean, it comes down to those very very small, tiny issues but obviously taking your own life is not a tiny issue but the last couple of years has shown people connecting with themselves and saying I don’t want to be here anymore, I don’t want to do this anymore, this is crazy and that’s their choice and I would say if suicide is their choice they’ll still go to the place where they need to go to but you know after this last two years I want to spend a couple of days in hell singing and dancing.

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