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Welcome to an authentic collective community

Welcome to an authentic collective community

that provides a supportive, caring, sharing, and learning space to uplift, inspire and empower others to lead by example. This is where the change happens, where the magic unfolds, by starting with ourselves, acknowledging the powerful and infinite beings that we are so we can reclaim our birthright to be all of who we are now!

I’m passionate about creating educational, fun, and interactive corporate wellness events, retreats, festivals, and self development workshops that empower people to reach their full potential.

Our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is paramount and I assist people on their journey to wholeness and wellness using a range of tools including coaching, mentoring, mindfulness, positive visualisation, and healing.

Being a certified Psychosomatic Therapist, among other things, enables me to easily assess the character of a person, their general overall well-being, and what stress their body might be holding. I’m also able to intuitively connect with a person’s energy to determine their internal health and any possible dis-harmony or dis-ease showing up.

I offer individual and group sessions at my Centre for Health & Wellbeing – Shara Sanctuary & Retreat, in Hallett Cove, South Australia and can come to your work place to facilitate a workshop or create a unique event that meets your business objectives and needs.

After creating the Enlighten Adelaide Festival in 2009, and subsequently, the Riverland Wellness Festival, to bring people together in a welcoming space where they can connect with quality health professionals to experience mindfulness practices, massage, natural and organic products, and how to improve their own health, the next natural progression was to form a community.

The Enlighten Tribe Community is a group of authentic and soulful leaders who walk their own individual path with the support and encouragement of the Tribe lifting them up, cheering them on, and acknowledging the unique difference they make in the world.

The online global wellness directory allows you to search for a yoga class, massage therapist, meditation group, or wellness service, whilst being assured of finding a trusted and professional practitioner.

If this resonates with you, and you’re a health and wellness business, ready to experience your full potential, then I invite you to join the tribe, and start sharing who you are, and what lights you up, in our Enlighten Directory so we can meet and connect with you. (Currently only available to Australia & UK Wellness Businesses eg. Yoga, Natural Therapies, Meditation … see full list of available categories upon registering).

Keep in touch!

Sue Shaw
Leading Light