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About Us

Welcome and thanks for connecting!

I believe life is to be rejoiced and celebrated and that if we can enrich and empower others to do the same, and lead by example, then we’re on the right path.

Everything I do is created from a deep desire to connect with others, inspire, share and educate, as well as to have fun in the process!

My background includes over 26 years in corporate event management, advertising, sponsorship, media and marketing. All of these experiences were powerful lessons that enabled me to provide quality and professional interactions, on a personal and business level, when I started my own business.

In 2009, I created the Enlighten Adelaide Festival and a few years later, the Riverland Wellness Festival, to bring community together to experience, learn and discover from quality health professionals how to improve their own health and well-being.

As the connections grew, the Enlighten Tribe Community was born. The Enlighten Tribe is a group of conscious and aware people who support, encourage, and uplift each other, whilst acknowledging the unique difference we all make in the world.

My journey has been a colourful one, with many challenges along the way, which I now know were opportunities to grow, and led me to become a Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Psychosomatic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Angel Intuitive, Access Bars Practitioner, KaHuna Bodyworker and Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist (Hawaiian-style massage).

I use all of my experiences, skills and training to assist people on their own journey to wellness and offer individual sessions.

I’m available for private wellbeing appointments at the beautiful upstairs healing haven at one of SA’s favourite crystal shops, Carpe Diem with Remi at 158 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, 10am-5pm Tuesdays to Friday. Most of my services are available via zoom from anywhere in the world.

I facilitate a weekly Magical Monday Meditation group at the Glenelg North Community Centre and a monthly Meditation & Messages from the Angels group at Port Adelaide.

To keep connected with the various health and wellbeing festivals, events, retreats, and workshops please like my facebook page at SueShawWellbeing and instagram @sueshawwellbeing.

Hope to connect with you soon.


Sue Shaw
Leading Light