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The Enlighten Tribe

is a global conscious community of heart-centred individuals and businesses who support each other, build each other up and make a difference in the world through leading by example.


About Enlighten Tribe

Enlighten Tribe is a global conscious community of heart-centred individuals and businesses who support each other, build each other up and make a difference in the world through leading by example.

Check out Blog page to watch previous weekly live streamed shows from our conscious community about people making a difference. 

The Enlighten Tribe provides a pathway for us all to journey on, side by side, to come home to our hearts and remember who we truly are. We achieve this through a collective community of acceptance, compassion, peace, and understanding.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime of searching to discover your “Tribe” but when you find them, you just know with every cell of your being that you’re home. You feel instantly comfortable and at ease when you’re with them, without condition, constriction or judgement. It’s safe to be you, in fact, it’s imperative to be you.

It’s a bond that runs deep in your veins that you feel, rather than consciously think about. A place to be free, where you can expand your once limited beliefs to a much broader perspective of oneness, connection and infinite possibilities for all.

The foundation of a supportive, collaborative, heart-centred, conscious and aware community has been built over the years with the support of the local community, businesses, friends and family, and the natural progression was to bring together all the connections and create a global community of support – the Enlighten Tribe.

Our Purpose and Objectives

  • Everyday people who want to make a difference or are already doing so.
  • To connect, collaborate and create with others on an equal soul-to-soul basis to advance awareness of health, education, and the environment.
  • Assisting humanity to remember the truth that we are one.

Enlighten Tribe Events

In 2019 the concept of the Enlighten Tribe was formed to bring together people in the community who had a passion and desire to make a difference. We each have our unique way of doing this, and we wanted to highlight and share the passion and drive that others have been doing for a long time to help make the world a better place.

We began by creating monthly Enlighten Tribe networking events in South Australia at Meeting Place McLaren Vale – the Fleurieu’s co-working hub and cafe, every month, on a Saturday afternoon and had fun connecting with amazing change-makers and bringing the community together.


Intent & Purpose:
To provide a welcoming and joyful space for like-minded people to travel, connect, share and relax at different locations regularly.

Enlighten Tribe Convoy #1 to Renmark

We had over 30 people join us at the Riverbend Caravan Park in Renmark for our first Convoy and it was an incredible experience for all. No agenda, no program, just letting everything evolve as we all went with the flow of the energy whilst relaxing by the riverbank. We ended up doing healing swaps on each other, a group guided meditation, a Family Constellations Workshop, a Drumming Circle, a Chakradance Workshop and lots of deep and meaningful conversations.

Enlighten Tribe Convoy #2 to Stansbury

Staying at the Stansbury Foreshore Caravan Park, Yorke Pensinsula.


Let’s Connect
Sunday 29 August 2021
at Meeting Place McLaren Vale with guest speaker Diane McCann from Beyond the Ordinary, The Goddess Within, Man’s Inner Journey and Tantra for Couples

Temptation Sailing Twilight Dolphin Cruise – Wed 17 March 2021

There’s an Author in all of us – Sat 10 August 2020
Guest presenters/authors:

  • Michelle Jewels-Parsons
  • Juliet Lever
  • Jessica Luxmoore
  • Meri Griesbach
  • Rosalind Sansbury

Ecstatic Dance Meditation with Alyonna – Sat 14 March 2020
Guest presenter Alyonna Angelica

Eden Energy Medicine – Sat 8 Feb 2020
Guest presenter AdiShakti

Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance DJ Fun – Sat 14 Dec 2019
Guest presenter Gabriel Melchizedek

Social Media & Sharing with Soul – Sat 12 Oct 2019
Guest presenters Sally A Curtis, LinkedIn expert and Sonia Bavistock, Instagram expert and Coach

Pamper Party – Sat 14 Sept 2019
An afternoon of pampering and nurturing as we transformed Meeting Place MV into a healing hub, thanks for the following Wellness Practitioners for providing their blissful services:

  • Sue Shaw facilitated a relaxing guided meditation to set the intention for the afternoon
  • Carolyn Wilkins from Rasa Massage offered mini sound massage sessions
  • Wakako offered Waka Aloha Lomi Massage
  • Carol Rawlins from Divine Enlightenment offered mini Reiki Energy Healing sessions
  • Mandi Faerie from Blue Fire Reiki offered mini Reiki Energy Healing sessions
  • Onessa and Carrie Rainwater from doTERRA Essential Oils offered foot massages and colour readings
  • Under the Teepee created a peaceful, chill-out zone with their gorgeous teepee tents

Meet SA People Making a Difference – Sat 13 July 2019
With guest speakers:

  • Diane McCann, Beyond the Ordinary and The Goddess Within
  • Gabriel Melchizedek, Breathe in Peace
  • Theonie Roussianos, formerly Women in Business Adelaide
  • Jonathan Hart, Down to Earth Events

Connect & Unplug – Sat 11 May 2019
Our first event at Meeting Place McLaren Vale which involved a guided meditation to connect with the Moments of Mass Mindfulness initiative, connecting to send healing light across the world.

Networking for Leaders with guest speaker Sally A Curtis
Fri 22 Feb 2019
This was our first Enlighten Tribe event that was intimate and empowering.