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Thanks for connecting with us. You’ll find our full range of services here, as we share all of what we do in this central platform, making it easy to find what you may need.

Whether it’s:

  • to assist you with your business and employee mental health needs through our Corporate Wellness Programs
  • to assist you on a personal level through our one-on-one services and treatments at Shara Sanctuary & Retreat
  • to attend one of our many events, festivals, workshops or retreats
  • to find an authentic, professional wellness service that you can trust through our global wellness directory “Enlighten Directory”
  • if you’re a health and wellness business, join the Directory and become part of a global wellness community, sharing your business and what you offer to a global platform


Our core focus is to bring joy, positivity, and light in all that we do, and help uplift and raise the vibration of us individually and collectively as a conscious and aware community.

Together we can create the change we want to see in the world by starting with ourselves and embracing our full potential to shine and lead by example.


Sue Shaw
Leading Light

Join the Directory

Annual membership is $99 & includes:


Access to the member portal to upload your Wellness Business Profile & Listing also add any events, workshops, and training courses you may be offering plus more..

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