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that provides a supportive, caring, sharing, and learning space to uplift, inspire and empower others to lead by example. This is where the change happens, where the magic unfolds, by starting with ourselves, acknowledging the powerful and infinite beings that we are so we can reclaim our birthright to be all of who we are now!

This collaborative space embraces all the community and business events, health and wellbeing festivals, wellness retreats, workshops, conferences, corporate wellness coaching, and health and wellbeing services that I have created over many years, with the assistance of hundreds of people who have either participated, volunteered, exhibited, collaborated or attended.

In 2009 the Enlighten Adelaide Festival was born, and continues to be an annual celebration on the SA calendar. In 2014, the regional ‘sister’ event, the Riverland Wellness Festival was created, and both events bring together quality and professional practitioners in an open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The Enlighten Tribe – Community Making a Difference, was created as a way to bring together like-minded people on a global scale, who share the same values, core beliefs and passion to share, learn, grow, connect, support and feel free to be all of who they are.

If this resonates with you, and you’re a health and wellness business, ready to experience your full potential, then I invite you to join our community – the Enlighten Tribe, and start sharing who you are, and what lights you up, in our Enlighten Community Directory so we can meet and connect with you. (Currently only available to Australia & UK Wellness Businesses eg. Yoga, Natural Therapies, Meditation … see full list of available categories upon registering).

No more waiting, no more excuses, no more apologising for being you, no more exhausting your energy where it isn’t appreciated, respected or celebrated.

Enjoy looking around the website and hope to see you at one of our future events, festivals, retreats or workshops soon, and to welcome you personally as a member of the Tribe!

Sue Shaw
Global Community Connector | Events | Corporate | Health & Wellbeing