What’s your why?

I was born this way but it took me a while to realise that I was going to be doing it for a living.

I grew up in Scotland on the Northeast coast, which is why I don’t sound like Billy Connolly! My accent is much softer because I’m from the other side. I lived in Scotland until I was 24, then moved to England and was in the corporate world for a long time. I kept my premonitions and what I did in the closet and kept very quiet about it.

As a young child, I’d always been told that I had an overactive imagination and was told that from as far back as I could remember. I used to predict things and say “Hey, Mom, what would you do if the car got broken into?” And she’d be like, Oh, for goodness sake, you are your imagination! Then of course we got back to the car and the car had been broken into.

I was terrified of earthquakes all my life and had a fear of volcanoes and later on in my life I emigrated to New Zealand after I left the UK, and of course it was nicknamed the Shaky Isles but I didn’t know that, and we lived through the Christchurch earthquakes.

When I was young, my mum used to say we don’t get earthquakes in Scotland, will you stop that imagination, and I couldn’t explain it, I could just see this earthquake. So the rest is history. There was a lot of healing that I was able to do when I lived in Christchurch so everywhere I’ve gone, it’s always been divinely guided, even moving down to England. My first marriage broke down and I got remarried, had my son and that’s when spirit or my invisible world, as I call it, hit me like a bit of a thunderbolt.

I became really sick and the doctor said you could just give up your job, and that’s when I realised something’s not right here and got pregnant, had my son and then was really sick after that. As I still wasn’t getting the message and was planning on going back to the corporate world, spirit has always intervened.

It’s a natural gift being psychic and I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve. I’ve always helped people everywhere that I go so why would I not naturally evolve to that?

I always wanted to be a teacher and was told that I wasn’t clever enough by my mom and my teachers at school, and that I talked too much and was never going to be a teacher.

Do you teach people now?

Absolutely. It was just not the kind of teaching I knew, so I just always evolved with it and divine intervention has always come along at the right time and put things in my path, whether that’s because of my health, because if I’m not listening, my health is affected until I take note.

People always say, this is wrong and that is wrong but it starts in the energetic flow and I wasn’t in my flow for probably 37 years.

I wasn’t truly who I was but eventually everything really flowed and all the illnesses I was constantly getting, stopped because I was in my flow again.

Ask Alice

I’d like to know what question you have because if you can imagine I’ve got a lot of people standing in the waiting room. When I’m doing a live show, I love it that when everyone is gathering and getting ready for the show, and they’re all sitting in the audience, I’ve actually got all the audience behind me as well, which is all your loved ones. So they’re all there right now so it would be really helpful for me if you had a specific question that I can answer, and then when I answer that, whoever’s there will actually come through for you.

When I do my live shows, in the second half, I ask everyone to put a question in the box and some of those questions can be life changing. Some of them can just be “Is my grandmother OK?” “Did my dad and my mom meet up?” Those are the kind of questions I’m asking so I can get that link for you straight away.

Carolyn Thomas: “ I would like to hear from my husband please.”

Alice’s reply: “Carolyn, I feel like you’re right on the edge of change but you’ve been very stuck in a holding pattern for quite a long period of time and you’re almost ready to stick over the edge but the thing that’s missing is being able to look behind you and look at the past and accept everything that happened with your first husband, everything you could do, everything you couldn’t do, let it go with love, but you’re not letting go. You need to forgive you rather than anything else. You did the best that you could with your first husband and I know you know this, but you really need to hear that again.

He’s  got his hand on my shoulder, I’m getting quite short of breath as I’m tuning into him and he really is just saying, “Just tell her. He’s talking about his shoes and his feet as if it’s almost like he didn’t fit into his shoes and towards the end there was something about his feet.

I’ve got something on my chest, and I don’t think my heart was particularly well but it all went quite quick, and it was difficult. It was one thing after another after another after another. So he’s just saying that you did the best that you could and it’s really important that you forgive yourself. You might be sitting there going, but I have. Well, he wouldn’t be telling me that, so this is about you digging a little bit deeper.

The minute you accept that from the past, you’ll be ready to jump off the edge of this in a good way. What I love particularly about this is how carefree you are now and that’s what your husband loves about you so you’ve just got a little bit more love to put in your past to bring you back into balance.

I think for everyone watching, it’s important to remember that you can never outrun your shadow. You can never outrun the darkness. It’s about bringing it into balance, because that’s still a part of you, isn’t it so, and you still want to love that part of you as well. So you’re almost ready for new ventures and I love it. You are free. It’s just beautiful.”

Michelle Kelly: “I’m confused with my male soulmate relationship and situation, and think others around me may be interfering in any chance of a future.”

Alice’s reply: “It feels to me and it sounds to me as if you know that he’s your soulmate, but there are external influences and people in relationships, that are affecting that. The best thing you can do is always vibrate at the energy that’s right for you and anything that isn’t in alignment with that will no longer cease to be.

I’m not gonna say a problem, but it just doesn’t align with you so if you and your him are truly meant to be together, because soulmates aren’t always meant to be together, and I’m not saying you’re not, but if you and Artie are truly meant to be together, you will vibrate that you’re kind you’re caring, you’re loving, you’re very giving. If he continues that then you too will be on the same page. It feels to me as if you’re just not quite on the same page at the moment and you’re trying to fix it. Michelle, I really feel as if you’re a wee bit of a micromanager and I mean that with love, I mean love is my superpower so he was asking me earlier and that is my superpower.

I feel that this is a situation where you really need to be the best version of you and Artie will see that and those people that love Artie will then realise how aligned he is and how balanced he is. My advice to you is please stop trying to fix it. There’s definitely an old lady that walks with you.  I just thought I’d donate at the end.”

Simon Carter: “I’d love to know if there is anything I need to know. I’ve got a lot of goals I’m trying to achieve and hoping they will take place by the end of this year. Also, I’d like to hear from my Nan too please.”

Alice’s reply: “The one thing I would take out of that sentence, Symon is the word hope. Hope is a very easy theory. We hope this is going to happen, but what’s really important when we have goals is to visualise those goals right now and every day if you continue to choose to work toward that goal, and it may just be baby steps, it may just be that you’re going to go traveling next year and you’re starting to Google or do some research on what campervan you’re going to buy.

It may well be that you’re going to be starting a rental, you’ve no idea where the money is coming from, but you’re actually going to start choosing what bathroom you’re going to have, what furniture you’re going to have, and aligning with it. So Symon, I have no doubt whatsoever that those goals will be achieved as long as you are having fun and you’re imagining it done. Imagine your goals completed and then every day take one step forward them. Never think I haven’t got the money, I can’t do this right now. Never put obstacles in the way. Always do what you can do, rather than what you can’t do. Because remember, your body does whatever your mind tells it to. If you see you can, you can and if you see you can’t, you’re right, you can’t.

Your Nan. I feel like there’s a chair in your house and I don’t know if it’s in your lounge room, it feels more like it might be in a kitchen, dining room or something. It’s quite uncomfortable, and she sits on that chair and she says to tell you that the smells that come out of your kitchen sometimes are amazing. I think you throw in a bit of this and a bit of that and don’t follow the recipe, and she loves the smell.

She’s with you a lot of the time and she’s a lovely lady and has got a heart of gold, and was always there trying to help everybody else. She will do everything she can to help you because you don’t want to go off track. That’s a bit of a snippet for you but Symon, it might be a good idea for you to check in with me halfway through the year and have a session with me as that might actually help to make sure that those goals are going to happen, because we’re not hoping we’re going to make them happen. It’s good to just check in with other people.

Verity van Balen: “Was the angel I saw when my aunty passed over a few weeks ago, waiting for her?”

Alice’s reply: “I would be interested to know what color the angel was because my feeling is that the angel wasn’t necessarily for your aunty, it was more that the angel was there for all of the people that are left on earth. That’s what it actually feels like to me and I’ve got goosebumps which means I’m bang on the money. So that angel was there for you and and I think your aunt had everybody she needed to help her cross over and that angel was there because it was going to be such a wrench energetically for the family that that angels energy was coming in to actually just calm everything down so that everyone was balanced and could do what they needed to do because I know for a fact your aunt had plenty of people waiting for her in a good way.

Verity just commented that the angel had white wings. We always get white when we connect with spirit. What I’m seeing is called a golden yellow, which could be perceived as being like a bright white light and as soon as I heard that, it was Gabrielle, who is actually a messenger Angel. She’s all about communication, so that’s who actually was there to really calm your family down. I’m feeling that there’s probably a real religious connection with this aunt as well and maybe in her upbringing, there could be some Catholics in there, and maybe just going to church every now and again but it does feel like there’s a little bit of religion in there. That will be another reason why Gabrielle would come through as well but the angel was there for all of you, which I just think, wow, how special. But you know, the best thing about this is that she saw it. That’s beautiful, and Gabrielle for showing herself.

Michelle Gray: “ Is my pop guiding my path?”

Alice’s reply: “A lot of people ask me about their loved ones and their spirit guides and it’s really important to let you all know that your loved ones are not spirit guides. Your loved ones will support you, they understand what’s going on and they’ll give you advice because they’ve shared that in this earthly incarnation with you but spirit guides share deep wisdom, deep knowledge from centuries and centuries and centuries ago. They’re probably walking with you reminding you when you procrastinate because you do tend to procrastinate sometimes because you’re afraid of change and he’s asking you to just embrace that change and please don’t be fearful, just embrace it and go for it – if you want to dye your hair red, just do it! It doesn’t matter what other people think, all that matters is what you do. So yes, he’s walking with you but you’ve also got a couple of teacher spirit guides working with you as well. Lucky girl, well done.”

Christine: “I’d like to hear from my grandparents and if we will build out home in the York Peninsula?”

Alice’s reply: “I don’t know if that’s what you really want to do because if you’re moving to the Yorks because you think it’s going to complete you and it’s going to do this and it’s going to do that, I beg to differ. It’s really important that you complete yourself now, and that you’re happy where you are now and get the best out of everything you’re doing now and then you can the decision.

Ask yourself if moving to Yorks is also going to give you a quality of life that’s going to give you more space, if you’re going to be able to have people to come and stay with you. So don’t move to Yorks if it’s because you think it’s going to make your life better. Go there because your life’s already fantastic and living there is going to be fantastic and you’re going to continue to live fantastically as you’re living now, if that makes sense?

There’s not just two grandparents with us, there’s at least four and there’s a great grandmother there as well. You have a very, very busy house energetically. It will be good for you to make sure you use sound healing to actually break up some of that energy too because you do have a very psychic-aware house which is very busy, as busy as mine.”

Corinna Hartmann: “I’ve been feeling like I’m being forced to let go of everything and feel a need to recreate myself in my new life. It’s been intense. Am I being guided into my new me and who can I call on for support?”

Alice’s reply: “That’s a good question. Thanks Corinna. Corinna you have everything you need inside of you but what you’re not doing enough, potentially, is actually sitting and listening to you. What I would love you to do Corinna is to get a picture of you when you were somewhere between 12 and 15 okay? A picture of you that you love and I’d like you to put that in a really beautiful frame, not just any old thing, because you want to honor this part of you and when you honor that 12 to 15 year old within you, then you won’t need someone else to support you.

Sometimes you’re busy and choose not to hear it, so you’re absolutely being guided to a new life but call on little you, the real you inside, because all the courage, all the determination, everything that you had at that age – and think about the attributes that you had to get through school to deal with some of the things you have to deal with at that age, because that is all inside of you and you just disconnected.”

Where can people book a session with you?

I do readings worldwide online so it doesn’t it doesn’t matter where you are. I have people book in from the other side of Adelaide and they do it in their lunch break in their car. Whilst I love the hugs I can give out in person, it’s still the same online.


I work in conjunction with Ultimate Barossa Retreats and they run retreats nearly every month. You can do some pamper packages, and I’m one of the pamper packages so you can have a session with me. So if you want to just go for the weekend and stay in the beautiful accommodation, and there’s so many other things that Ultimate Barossa Retreats offer too, I have just done a whole spiritual weekend retreat and the next one is in October and another one in July – the dates and details are on my website.

The spiritual weekend retreat is a whole two and a half days with me in the same beautiful accommodation and there are additional pamper packages if you want to do those as well but this is a whole weekend teaching and learning and growing with me.

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