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Reconnecting to Authentic You Tammy Lee

I had a passion for youth work many years ago, when I first discovered child abuse.

Growing up, I didn’t know it was an actual thing. I worked in youth work for about 15 years and then went on to adult disability and found what I really enjoyed bringing to the table was to be able to provide a safe space, especially for children. I learned a lot about trauma and that led me on to study more about it to refine my skills. I also learned a lot about myself, and how to best work with people who are coming from a very disadvantaged, very traumatized space.

The reason that I moved on into my own business is because I’ve been on my own healing journey, healing from depression and a lot of mental and emotional ailments myself.

Many of the modalities that are used in these Alternative areas have worked for me and it was very hard to bring those into the ‘system’, so doing it outside of that, and in my own practice is why I created Soul’s Guidance.

What does Akashic Mean?

In my understanding it’s just a term for our own wisdom. It’s like the book of life, all our own answers from our past lives to our now life. My business is called Souls Guidance because I feel that we’ve got our own answers and my job as a guide or practitioner, is to lead you to your own answers and teach you how to tune in yourself.

Sedona & Inner Child Healing

Before I came on the live, I did a Sedona and inner child healing session with somebody here on the island, and I did it in person, but it’s really easy to do remotely like online, because you can just sit and allow yourself to be guided by me.

Sedona is another modality that is a form of freeing up trapped energy. Whereas Inner Child work is about reconnecting with your inner child self, so that you can heal past pain and energetically merge your child/adult self.

With children, they see the world very differently to adults. A lot of things that happen to children, even if it wasn’t what we would class as really horrific or traumatizing for a child, it depends how they interpret it and if not processed at the time through adult/caregiver guidance it actually gets stored as trapped energy. That’s what I see in adults when we do the Inner Child work. It’s amazing what comes out.

One client I saw was completely calm and by the end of the session, after we peeled some layers off, she was crying and reconnected to some things that were really impactful she’d actually forgotten about. So that’s how powerful it can be.

Akashic Pyramid Readings

Akashic readings are very soul direct and what your soul wants you to know right now and it’s probably not a surprise to you what comes out but sometimes you just need the tangible evidence (hear it from elsewhere), so to speak, so that you can take your next steps. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for clarity or anything with the reading and it actually opens up a dialogue to be able to talk about what’s going on for someone and that’s when we can find out if you need coaching, or to shift energy.

Reading for Adaire

The first card that you’ve got is called “Caught in the Ruins” and it’s basically two people in a cage and they’re sitting there feeling like they’re trapped in prison. So what’s coming through is that it doesn’t matter how trapped you feel because there’s actually no roof on the top of the prison. So it’s about making that choice to stop when you feel trapped, look up, and climb out.

Just remember that you’ve got that power and you’ve always got choices but they may not be choices we like.

So this is about wherever you’re feeling trapped and it’s just reminding yourself to come back and just breathe and remind yourself that you can resolve this, it’s just a matter of climbing out. The middle card is called the King’s Chamber, so when we do a full reading, there’s the King’s Chamber in that as well. You’ve got Archangel Rafael coming through right away and he’s saying heart healing at the moment. Green, the colour of the heart chakra and Archangel Raphael is calling you to do some heart healing at the moment and they want you to go really deep. It’s almost like there is a block across your chest so I don’t know whether you can sense things that are coming through for you, but you don’t want to go there. They’re saying that you need to, because once you clear that there’s that smooth sailing ahead.

Rose Quartz is coming through, the pink crystal of self love, and spending time alone again but really work on that heart stuff because that’s really important for your next steps moving forward.

They’re showing me that when you get back to your boat, just like dropping things in the ocean, you just let things go and drift away.

The next card is the Buddha prepares. This is where you’re going to level up. Once you clear this heart stuff, you’re going to go to that next level of wisdom. This is actually the Buddha going into preparation so that is actually you. Once you look up, you make the right choice to free yourself from the prison, heal the heart and get ready for the next level.

Reading for Michelle

Has your light dimmed Michelle, because you’ve got the light of the world and he’s upside down. You’ve gone through a lot of changes and you actually need to look at what lights you up again, because you’re actually peeling apart a lot of things at the moment and that’s why your light is a bit dim. It’s not because you’ve lost hope so much, it’s more that everything’s changed for you, what you value, what lights you up, what inspires you?

So things have gone a bit dark for you, but it’s about finding that inspiration and what lights you up moving forward. The good news is you got caught in the ruins, like a deer, but yours is the other way around so you can recognise when you’re stuck but you can just climb out. So keep making those choices to climb out but you don’t need to rush this process. It’s almost like the dark night of the soul, like everything’s quite turbulent but it’s okay because you’re just sifting through everything and starting again.

The next card is called Hilarion and it’s upside down. There’s a lot of ghostly figures in here and these are spirit guides and ancestors. At this time in your life, you can get support and guidance from people on the physical plane here on Earth but relying on the spiritual world is going to be more beneficial for you, so to speak. I don’t know if you tap into your guides and ancestors but it’s simply a matter of asking, You can just lay down in a quiet moment or if you’re going for a walk or whatever you do when you have alone time, and just really tap in. In fact, jumping up and down. There’s a lot of activity like it’s almost like intuition. There’s the color purple coming through. It’s like they want to download stuff into you and that’s actually going to help you with reclaiming your light.

Reading for Ros

Wow. Roz darling, what is dimming your light? I feel like the energies of other people around you could be affecting you so it’s an important reminder to reevaluate and look at the different situations and environments you find yourself in, and the people you surround yourself with because I’m just getting a sense of closing in around you and it’s like you need to move away from certain energies and situations in order to really stoke your flame.

I’ve got words dropping into my head about standing tall and proud. You need to reclaim your power and stand on your own because this part of your journey is about getting your life back and to put in those boundaries and it’s a lot of boundaries on your time as well. So I don’t know if you’re spending a lot of extra time helping people or doing things that probably people could do for themselves or find other people to help them. So managing your time and energy better.

Coaching with Tammy

I offer a complimentary phone call to see if that’s what you actually need and if we’re a fit, and we can do a bit of healing on the phone in that hour session.

Just get in contact with me via phone, Facebook messenger or email if you want to know more about my services or book one and feel free to check out my Facebook business page.

Thank you for those that have jumped on and I know that some of you jumped on last week, I really appreciate it. It’s a really important time for self love and care. It’s not a little thing we do for ourselves now and again anymore. It’s really imperative to really dig deep and nurture and really look after yourself now. So thank you, I really appreciate all of you that have jumped on and wish you loads of love and light and let’s keep spreading the joy and the healing.

Contact Tammy

Facebook: Souls Guidance with Tammy

Phone: 0424 629 289


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