I’ve studied psychology since I was quite young,I was always quite fascinated by it because I grew up with some mental health stuff within the family and I learned a lot through experience.

Throughout the years, I’ve reprogrammed my own mind many, many times and went through a period of time where I had a lot of life experience and had to learn energy work which has been a big part of my journey as well.

I now understand that this was part of the journey that I was meant to be on in this life and look at my life as a bit of a yin and yang as I went through a lot of the dark and then came into the light through that and I know that probably said sounds cliche, but that’s really what I experienced.

There was one year that I had, which was the darkest first six months I’ve ever been through and it was really extreme and like that hell on earth experience. Through that I found my own strength and also found the keys through my own energy work and choosing the path that I went on after that and I learned so much about myself.

The journey continues, but I’ve been able to work through so much and am very passionate about the psychotherapy and energy work that and found that they work really well together.

With energy work, it doesn’t involve time and space so we can work online and it can be a very powerful session.

What is Kundalini Reiki?

Kundalini Reik, also known as Reiki Fire, was actually channeled by one of the Ascended Masters, Master Kuthumi, who is known as a world teacher. It’s a very powerful and effective but also gentle way to activate the Kundalini energy.

It’s done over a series of activations so you go through a gradual process of actually awakening the Kundalini and preparing your body for that. It’s also a healing modality as well so can be used to work with people who have had spontaneous or early kundalini awakening, these energies can assist to balance them out and to take away the uncomfortable kind of experiences that you have from that.

Some people can have the awakening too early and it can cause pain and all other kinds of symptoms so the activations, and the energy of that is really healing and helps to balance everything out for the Kundalini awakening.

It’s also a really powerful energy for the physical body too. It’s quite a beautiful energy and it’s not something that’s necessarily channeled through the hands either, it can be brought in, but you can guide it and it can complement any other healing modality including different energies.

If you are a healer that channels energy, it helps to open up your crown chakra, your heart chakra and your palm chakra even more so that any energies that you do channel will come through in greater abundance. It’s quite powerful energy.

What does Kundalini mean?

The Kundalini is basically an energy that rises up from the base chakra which is situated at the base of the spine. Kundalini is also known in some cultures as the snake-like goddess. A good example of how the energy would look going up the spine.The snake is coiled three and a half times at the bottom of the spine but that’s before it awakens.

The idea is to awaken it so that the actual head is at the crown so the energy is fully activated and flowing within the physical body.


Ashati has absolutely changed my life. It’s an amazing energetic program, a complete system, that basically starts from the ground up of your energetic system. You would start healing the physical body and the lower emotions and the lower mental body.

It has four levels and the first level qualifies you to be a healer in three modalitiesincluding Reiki, but also Ashati and Alsemia and psychic training that you could then go out and work doing psychic work if you wish.

The chakra charting program works throughout the whole energetic system of a person.

We have all these different energy bodies that create the aura. We have the mental and emotional bodies, we have a spiritual body, we have the physical body, and we have a number of bodies. The idea of the Ashati system is that it actually works through the whole system.

Reiki on its own, for example, works really well for the physical and the etheric body healing and Ashati works really well for the lower body so the emotional and mental things and where we suppress any blockages that we have, which is huge, because so many of us need this right now, as we do suppress so much.

We’re only starting to really learn how to work with our emotional and mental stuff now but for so long, we’ve been taught to repress because we didn’t really understand how to manage these things.

We start with those and then Alsemia is another really powerful energy that raises the vibration of the physical body.

It’s brought to you in different activations, and goes up to level 13 throughout the whole system. In the first healer training level, it has the two activations and each activation of our Alsemia two to level four, raises the physical body’s vibration, and it attunes it to higher dimensions with each activation. You start with the physical body, the lower mental and lower emotional, then you start doing the work on the soul level with the next activation and you’re clearing energies that have affected you in this life that you’re still carrying from lives before, and the physical and etheric as well with the Alsemia energies.

There’s some deep ancestral healing that happens as well. I’ve managed to clear so much through my own lineage, and I’ve watched the change occur around me through my own healing. This system is so powerful and I learned it in Sydney from the founder, Jerome Baudel.

It’s served me so well and it did so much for me that I’ve brought the whole system to Adelaide.

I started teaching it about seven or eight years ago, on more of a one on one basis but now I’m teaching the whole system to groups. Then you’re working through the soul, then you start working through the higher levels with the Ascension program to prepare yourself. You prepare your energetic self for energetic ascension.

It’s an international system so you can find teachers around and I also am open to running another one online.

If you decide to keep going and you go into the Ascension levels, you’re preparing your energetic self, you’re dropping your lower emotional and mental bodies and then you get to a point where you can still connect with these dimensions, but you’re not as affected by them and you’re no longer suppress like you used to.

You’re also creating and preparing yourself to fully embody your spirit and reconnecting your spirit body back to you.

With Alsemia, as well running alongside that, that also your physical body is also going through this ascension process as well and so you’re meeting that with the Ascension and the Alsemia.

You’re raising your energetic self, your frequency and your vibration, but you’re also raising your physical body’s vibration. Then in the higher levels above that you’re actually working through all those levels of your subconscious mind with the higher Alsemia levels. They are all very amazing throughout the whole process because you’re preparing yourself.

You couldn’t go right up straight away, you need to prepare yourself at each level by  attuning yourself higher and higher. As you get to the higher levels, you’re working through the mind and literally through this whole program and I’ve seen it not just with myself, but also with many it helps you to release so much, it helps you to manifest in a soul alignment because when we’re carrying all these energies around we’re actually blocking ourselves from receiving things that are receiving in soul alignment.

We’re manifesting things in our lives that aren’t necessarily in alignment. You know, because your vibration is attracting certain vibrations so as you lift your vibration and your whole world around you shifts.

This program is so good for that. I’ve not seen anything else quite like it and humanity is ready for a system like this. I’ve seen many people go through this training and their lives have completely shifted.

It’s been such a blessing to bring it to Adelaide and see the difference it makes. The system creates very powerful healers, because they’ve done so much of their own work and the different energies because you’re channeling through all these energies as well as a healer. You’re working on people’s field in such a way that is multi dimensional. It’s really, really shifting them. For me, personally, I finished the whole program over five years. People are doing it quicker now because they’re ready and it wasn’t all channeled through even when I started but I went through a lot of different things to be ready for the next levels.

My energetic reach is so large, and I keep developing more and more and I’m coming into such a creative time as well, even more. So it’s just such a beautiful journey and I’m really so grateful for that journey.

The biggest part of the journey is the self healing process.

We do activations and then a 21 day integration process. We usually have three weeks to a month between each weekend of training where you can do the self healing work which helps to clear out your whole system and let go to prepare you for the next. I can’t stress enough that doing that part of it is the main part of it and then you’ll always have those energies in your toolbox.

What can people do at home to increase their vibration?

One thing that’s really important for all of us, and it may not sound too exciting, but it’s doing your grounding work. There are so many reasons why grounding is so good for you.

If anyone’s seen the movie Avatar and how they connect to the earth, that’s a good way of describing what grounding is. When we connect to the Earth in an energetic way, we have this beautiful connection with Mother Earth and when we spend time in nature, it’s so good for us in so many different ways.

It’s like being a tree with roots coming out of our feet and going deep into the earth. Also, we have the seven chakras and the base chakra at the base of the spine is very much to do with our grounding and our manifestation and our physical body and our physical life.

It’s really important for us to remember to keep ourselves connected to the earth.

There are so many things going on right now and it’s very easy for us to become ungrounded. A good example to know when you’re not grounded is if you find you’re in your head a lot. Grounding helps to bring your energy back into your body and brings you out of your head.

Grounding helps to stabilise energy and protects us from lower energies and vibrations so that we don’t attract so much of that into our field. It can help us in different situations,when we know we’re going to be a bit stressed out, such as family or work, when we’re grounded and we go into that situation, we’re less affected by the energy of it and can stand quite strong in that.

With spiritual work, we’re always wanting to open up our higher chakras and work more with those but if we’re not grounded, we’re not able to manifest things on this physical plane so being grounded is such an important part, we need to be connected all the way through and that’s why ensuring that we work through our whole self, and clear all these things to ensure we keep ourselves balanced and stable so we can create what we wish.

When we’ve got blockages in our lower chakras, we can find it harder to work in and when we’re clear in our vessel, everything opens up more and our abilities expand.

With all the new energies coming in on the planet at the moment, there’s so many amazing energies coming in, if we’re not groundedwe’re not going to be able to hold those energies and expand.

Also when we’re grounded, we’re sending Mother Earth healing as well and it’s helping to bring more light to the planet. We receive so much healing from Mother Earth so it’s really good for our physical and our overall well being, and especially good for raising that physical vibration as well.

Star Sessions at Infinite Flow 

On Wednesday mornings and evenings, I run a light language transmission using sound. It’s continuously evolving and I’m bringing through lots of light codes and different activations and transmissions and they’re coming through with the voice. I always also use the crystal bowls as well as they also shift energy and I work with different vibrations. My voice is doing all kinds of vibrational things now, which is really having such a huge effect on people. I’m using it more and more in almost all of my work.

I’m a trained hypnotherapist as well but the light language is really speaking to people on another level and the conscious mind just can’t get in control.  A lot of DNA Activation occurs and if anyone’s interested, please do come along.

I have also been doing an online session as well and more sessions will be coming in the future.

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Sue offers a safe, nurturing and healing space to uplift your soul and rejuvenate your body, leaving you feeling peaceful, relaxed and bringing you back home to your heart. She is a Certified Psychosomatic Face Reader, Body-Mind Analysist, and Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapist, Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Animal Communicator, Access Bars Practitioner, KaHuna Bodyworker (Hawaiian Massage) and Corporate Wellness Coach. Sue combines all her skills to offer a unique and individual experience, every time, so you receive maximum results. Sue is based at Carpe Diem with Remi's upstairs Haven at 158 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, South Australia.