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Corporate Wellness Programs

Created by Sue Shaw, Corporate Wellness Coach

Sue is a passionate visionary, communicator, leader and healer, Sue has a unique way of uncovering people’s potential to live their best life now

Healthy staff, happy customers

It’s a simple concept but how many businesses actually know how to make their staff feel important and lead by example from the top down?

When people feel validated, acknowledged and supported, they naturally want to give more.

What are you doing to provide a supportive, learning environment that enables your staff to develop their skills and access their full potential?

Do you want a dynamic, empowered team that feels excited about coming to work? Be the organisation that everyone wants to work at for all the right reasons and watch your productivity increase instantly.


From Pain to Passion

Sue brings a vibrant and positive energy to the room and instantly knows how to make people feel comfortable. She understands how and why people react in certain situations from her extensive training in Psychosomatic Therapy and mindset techniques that tap into someone’s true potential to bring out the best in them.

We all have the choice to make positive lifestyle changes that affect our body, mind and soul and to transform our pain into passion but we may never have been shown how to do this.

Sue will share skills and tools to help manage negative and demoralising feelings in the workplace and develop a positive mindset amongst your staff that will bring huge benefits to everyone.

The format and structure that Sue implements is unique and acknowledges the individual for who they are and what they bring to the organisation.

Employees are your best asset and putting effort into employee wellness will encourage better teamwork, increased productivity, and reduced sickness.

Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Guest Speaker/Presenter  – Prices on application
  • Corporate Wellness Workshops – 2 hrs
  • Corporate Wellness Half Day – 4 hrs
  • Corporate Wellness Day – 8 hrs

Choose from the following topics or we can create something unique for your business:

  • Positive Mind / Abundant Life
  • Manifesting for Success
  • Inspire and Empower Your Team
  • Personality Profiling for Better Business Communication
  • Meditation for Clarity and Calmness

Prices are for in-house events and based on a fee for service only. Or we can create a unique event that meets your business objectives and needs. Additional costs apply for off-site venues and catering if required. POA.