What is a Soul Retrieval?

As souls, we’ve all had some form of traumatic experience and it doesn’t have to be life threatening, it can be something even as simple as your own birth. When we have these experiences, our soul can fragment and when it fragments, there’s a piece of us that isn’t accessible anymore. Sometimes it can leave us with a feeling of, we’re just not whole or there’s something missing and that’s when we can then look for that part of the soul and bring it back into wholeness.

How do you do a Soul Retrieval?

With a facilitator, it starts off with breathwork to get someone into a relaxed state, and then the facilitator can take you through a process of finding out what, by giving the gift of missing piece a name and then asking if it would even be willing to come back and is there a space for it to come back because often there’s a reason why that piece has left and it can be as simple as that.

In my own example, I had the irresponsible part of me leave, because basically it told me I was too damn boring so it didn’t want to come back to begin with so it was a negotiation of finding that balance of the irresponsible and carefree part to be able to blend and join the responsible side of me.

It’s up to the individual whether they feel like there’s something missing. Sometimes it could be that there’s a serious side of us, and there’s a playful side of us and you don’t want either one of them to be out of balance because if you’re too playful and carefree, you’re probably never going to get anything done and if you’re too responsible, you’re probably not going to have a lot of fun. You could go on forever, but we’ve often got at least one major event and that could be causing the biggest hole in our soul that needs to be integrated.

Even through your own birth, there can be a part of trauma that you went through and it might have been your actual birth, you might have been a forceps delivery or something traumatic happened so then a piece of your soul just goes “I’m out of here” and you don’t even realise it until you see a pattern of addictions come into play.

When there’s a missing part of us, we can often fill it up with addictive behaviours and we all know what that can look like, whether it’s food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, any of which could quantify.   I think we’re always aware that there’s a missing part of us, and that’s when we can go on a journey to go and find it.

Can it be ancestral?

You never know where you’re going to go and our phobias and trauma from past life experiences that we’re just not conscious of in this lifetime, can come through.

What is a Quantum Bio Health Mat?

There’s eight different therapies in it which all do something different. It was founded by a lady in Sydney, a kinesiologist and it’s pretty unique. It includes Far Infrared therapy, Negative Ions, Hot Stones, PEMF, Photon Light therapy, Sacred Geometry, Frequencies technology and Bioscalar Torsion Field Tesla Technology.

Small electrical currents and magnetic fields exist in the human body. PEMF devices emit similar magnetic fields, nearly identical to these frequencies created by yourselves – organs, bones and tissues. They are a regeneration of what we can naturally produce and it gives us another boost.

All therapies have their own unique way of providing an opportunity for healing, but as with any form of natural therapy, different modalities work for different people.

Some people are into cranial sacral, or Bowen or crystal therapies or whatever it is but what we’re trying to do with the soul retrievals is get to the end result by creating an environment for self healing. It just might be another layer to bring up another little piece of the puzzle. It’s about removing some of the debris or raising vibration, to allow things to drop in or to move themselves and to clear the path to achieve the desired result.

The portable mat goes on top of a bed or on top of the massage table as it’s the size of the massage table and then you can adjust the different settings so it can be just a photon light or just the infrared, or you can go for the whole eight therapies.

It’s got the equivalent of 72 sound baths embedded into the mat itself so sound frequency is another therapy. Additionally I play frequency music in the background during the session.

It’s embedded with Jade and Tourmaline crystals so it uses sacred geometry too. It all helps to raise your frequency and vibration and when we’re in that relaxed state, that’s when most healing occurs.

What can we do at home to raise our frequency?

Get outside and in nature, meditation, tapping, are all things that we can help ourselves at home.

We don’t necessarily have to see anybody outside the home as long as we keep moving closer to feeling well.


Orgonites come in different shapes, I make mine in a pyramid. I’ve got lots of photos of them on my Facebook page and website.

They’re a ratio of metal to crystal, or you can use seashells. The metals, being non organic, attract and then consequently repel negative energy such as wifi, radiation, negative energies, and negative people. Then the crystals, being the organic matter, attract and hold the energy.

They’re good to have around your wifi, EMF type situations, or for sleep to help with insomnia. I have one in my car and my grandkids love them. They can be customized to your logo colours or favourite colour or your sporting team.

Even if you’ve got someone who is constantly on a computer all the time, and thinks it’s a bit of woowoo, it’ll still work the same.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is Metatron’s cube which is all the platonic shapes or the solids. Everything in nature, everything in creation is geometry. All the symbols that we see in flowers and in plants in nature, is sacred geometry.

Clean Living Consults

There’s so much that we can do to help ourselves and it’s not about giving up anything, it’s about offering alternatives. With a Clean Living Consult we go through your pantry and offer alternative methods to sweets and bread, etc.

I’m also a makeup consultant so you can get a group of ladies in and we can color match your skin tones. These cosmetics are all natural, safe and animal cruelty free. When you add up all the different things, especially for women, who use about 27 different personal care products daily. If all of them contain endocrine disrupting nasties then that’s when we’re going to start getting problems, so this is where we can start our journey of at least helping ourselves. |

If you go and have a lovely reiki session and then eat processed foods and use aluminium and put toxic chemicals on your body, then you need to balance the scales. We look at everything from cleaning products to our pantry, to our beauty products, as it all makes a big difference when you take them out and have a natural alternative instead. There’s a lot of toxic products in the market that are really doing some damage to people’s immune systems and their endocrine and lymphatic systems.

It’s a process. Sometimes people think they can’t give up their favourite products but there are always alternatives.

I don’t use perfumes anymore, I only use essential oils and all my products are all clean living and natural, and yet it doesn’t mean you have to do without, you just have to learn to substitute.


I’ve been making sprays for about 15 years. There’s names like Akashic Access, Awakening and Metatron’s Mission and Indigo Peace.  When I started making the orgonites, I thought they would make a good match for them so I’ve tried to either use the same crystals, but if I can’t, then at least I color match them.

So there’s an Orgonite that matches each crystal spray and I’ve got two different ranges, one’s my Oceanic Sea Language that have Lemurian symbols on them, and then the second range is my Spiritual Range. My latest one that I made was Pine Protection and I use it every time I leave the house, as the many different pines offer a high level of environmental and emotional protection.

As I mentioned, the Orgonites can be customized to home or office decor or even sporting colours.

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