The Gold Mine To Consciousness

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The Gold Mine to Consciousness Rosemary Bennett

I’ve been collecting Andara crystals for about two years and didn’t really understand why I couldn’t stop and still can’t stop buying them.

Six weeks ago, I really started to look into understanding more about them and getting more information on them.

These crystals kind of choose us. At first I bought little ones and then they started to get bigger and more beautiful. The bigger the Andara, the more power it has. They’ve been taking over my life.

There’s not many people that actually cut them and make them into jewellery because they can just explode.

They have their own consciousness which is higher than ours, and their frequency is about 40 Hertz.

They are pure love and they don’t need charging. They can balance your chakras, they can help assist your DNA to go from carbon to crystalline and they are manifestors. It’s always good to be very positive around them because they will manifest up to 1000 times faster than normal what we want, but if we’re negative around them, then that’s probably not a good idea.

I’ve found that since I’ve had the Andaras in the house, the energy in the house is wonderful. When someone is having a psychology and BodyTalk session, I put them under the bed and they choose which ones they would like and where they want them on or around their body. I continue to do the energy side of the body talk process and just let the crystals do their thing.

I use Jan Spiller’s book The Astrology of the Soul, and use the North Node part of the book which is the most important part of the astrology chart.

I work with everyone

My youngest client was actually in the womb. The mother came in for a session and I said to her, “Are you having a boy”? And she said yes. I’d never met her before and I said “I know this sounds weird but he wants a session”. So we did a little session on him and I used the mother as the surrogate.

If someone’s got a child running around the room, and they’re here for the child, I can just use the mother as a surrogate and the child can continue running around the room. It’s really hard sometimes to get a child to lay down, so if they don’t want to, they don’t have to and that’s also why I can work remotely, it doesn’t matter where in the world someone is, I can still work with them.

This little guy wanted a personality change and when he was born, his mother totally got this bright eyed, smiley baby that came out. When I work with a family, I only work with the person in the room. I do a lot of work with relationships and I work with the person that’s sitting opposite me. I only work with couples together if they’ve both had at least one or two sessions separately, because people just get defensive when the other person’s there and it’s never about the other person, it’s always about the person that’s in front of me.

When I take someone through a two hour session, I get to show you yourself from an esoteric unseen view where you get to shift your consciousness to internal instead of external. People don’t realize why they’re in the session but once they start to let go of old patterns, they let go of ways of being, they get the aha moments, then when they go back out into the world, they don’t see the mirror or they don’t see people doing the same thing because people are there to mirror back at us what we do to our self.

So when someone becomes more conscious and more awake and aware and gets why they’re here and what they truly are, then the mirroring stops. I have many people who’ve come to me but their partner has never come to me, and their relationship completely shifts.

It’s very easy to say, my dad did this, or my mom did that, or if my mother hadn’t done this or that, and when someone has been to me, they usually get a very different view of their parents and when they next see them, it’s different and the mirroring stops or reduces.

If we don’t do our lessons, they just get bigger and bigger, and they slap us in the face so you might as well do them.

Today I had a client contact me who I worked with after she’d had unsuccessful IVF and she came to me and was due then to go and have her IVF. Weeks after her session, she contacted me and said, I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Well, today, she sent me a gorgeous picture of her baby, and with a couple of big hearts, saying thank you Rosemary. So I have produced a few babies for others.

I work a lot with people who suffer anxiety and depression. I work with people who are dying. I work with people so that they can die in peace and they’re not leaving unfinished business with family members when they die. I work with the terminally ill.

I work with people who have a dis-ease and I’ve had people come to me who have had a sore back for years and it isn’t sore anymore. I have had someone fairly close to me, who had major enlarged lymphs in their stomach, and did some sessions, that was all the emotional stuff and went back to the oncologist and there were no enlarged lymphs. We create our own disease. So if we create it, we can move it on too.

I had a gentleman who had stage four cancer and I worked with his wife, son and daughter, all separately, after his passing. He had three sessions with me before he passed, and he had this issue with a brother and it was gone, he left in such a better way. His family came to see me to work through that.

I’ve studied death and dying and loss and leaving, so I have quite a different view and people have a different view of what death is, and why. We can get dis-ease that we can heal but at this point, I don’t know how to leave my body.

I don’t know how to retract myself and because I’m not this body and leave, which means I’ve got to get something that is going to take the body to a place where it’s going to die. So I’m kind of forced out of my body and that’s where many people are and I don’t mean to confuse people by saying that because you’re only getting a little bit, but basically I will work with people who have a fear of death and when I explain about death they’re often not frightened of death anymore.

Is there an average number of sessions before a successful outcome?

My session is so effective, that people often only need one, not good for business, but for me, that’s integrity, that if someone only needs one, and I can shift them to a place that they take responsibility for their life and they see themselves in a different place, then, I’m humbled that they allowed me to work with them.

When people come in for a session and then go out in the world, often people say, Oh, you seem calm and you seem different. What have you done? And people say, oh, we saw this woman, sometimes they’ve already heard of me, sometimes they haven’t and they ask what it is I do and they try and describe what happens in the room and they can’t describe it.

Some people have had my phone number for two years before they come to an appointment. They come in quite nervous but I just talk to you, we have a conversation, we do a bit of this and it’s just really easy. Then you get to lay on the table and I do some energy work and have a chat with your innate wisdom and my innate wisdom, and I do a protocol and we shift some memories that might be getting in the way or we might do some body chemistry. I’ve had a lot of success with people who’ve had the virus that’s going around, and they get left with symptoms, or it’s  brought up trauma and I’ve been able to clear that with the Andaras and the BodyTalk.

Can you help someone to enable them to find a relationship?

Yes, if it’s divine timing that they’re meant to have one. I teach people how to manifest and a lot of people think they’re manifesting, but they’re not. It’s actually in my book about how to manifest. I have had people who have been on their own or not had a job and I’ve helped them manifest.

A long time ago, before I was really doing what I’m doing now because everything I do is an evolution of things just dropping in. It just drops in and I start doing whatever the new process is. I had a young Indian man come and live in my house. He’d been in Adelaide two days and he had a very strong accent and six weeks later, he said to me, if I don’t get a job in two weeks, I have to go back to India.  So I said to him, do you want to stay? He said, yes and I said if you do exactly what I say, you’ll have a job. He did exactly what I said and he had a job and lived with me for nine years, not as my partner, just shared a house, but he stayed and he’s still in Australia, and he never didn’t have work.

So yes, if there’s divine timing for you to be in a relationship, I can certainly help that along.

The Andara’s can literally help you to manifest just by looking into them. People stand at my window during the day, holding up an Andara crystal and looking into it and through it and asking for what they want. They have that ability to help because remember, their consciousness is higher than ours.

I had a lady come to me who had been seeing a psychologist for 20 years. She had six sessions with me and she was done. You know, she probably didn’t even need six sessions but she came for six.

I bring everything together into my sessions and each time I do that, each piece of information  is building on the other pieces of information, telling you about yourself. I look at your birth – my background is a rebirther or breathworker, and I use esoteric psychology and by the way, psychology actually means study of the soul.

I will look at the way that you’re born as in, did you have the cord around the neck? Were you wanted? Did they want a boy or a girl? Were there drugs used on a breech birth? Was your caesarean planned or was it an emergency? How did you come into the world?

When working with the types of births, people say, yes, that’s me, I am that way. Then we look at, why would we choose that type of birth because we choose our birth, it’s where many of our primal lies come from. You hear of people who plan say to have a home birth, and I’m going to do this and that and then the next minute, they’re rushed off to hospital for a caesar and that’s because the child not only wants that person or that couple, as a parent, they also want a particular type of birth. So when we start to realize that we choose everything, it’s really easy.

People expect or are told life has to be hard but absolutely, life does not have to be that way and when we start to see ourselves through a different lens, then we don’t have to change anything, we just let go. It’s just like chipping away at things that don’t serve us but if you don’t know what our lessons are, and we don’t know what we’re here for, then how can we work on that?

Do you help people who have been adopted?

I’ve worked with people who are adopted and whoever is our family, even if we’re adopted, is our spiritual family. We often incarnate into the same family, which can mean if we’re adopted, it’s most likely the adopted parents are our spiritual family and we were in that family before. Yes, if there’s active memory, if there’s trauma around the adoption, I can help.

I have people tell me things they’ve never told anyone so I’m actually pretty easy to talk to. Everything’s confidential and I always say, take with you what works, leave what doesn’t, you don’t have to believe anything I say and that gives people permission to just sit there and allow the information that is imparted to be taken in or left.

I also let people record their first session, because there’s a lot of information. It’s really interesting to listen to oneself after someone has done a session because we hear ourselves differently from during the session, to after the session.

Can it help people recall forgotten information?

Sometimes an active memory in BodyTalk will come up that a person maybe doesn’t remember or it’s a slight thing. My understanding from my training is if someone has had something not nice happen to them, they either stay in the body and remember it, or they float above the body and they can get flashbacks, or they go into a black hole, which they will never get back.

My understanding is when that happens, the person actually has personality splits and you get dis-identification disorder, where a person has different personalities that come in to take over so that they can manage their life and actually that’s a good thing because if they didn’t, they’re more likely to suicide.

I would have to speak to the person individually about what it is. I went to see a psychic many years ago and they told me something that to me, I don’t believe ever happened to me but what can happen is people can believe what someone else tells them and it’s actually not happened to them and it’s not their memory and it’s not true. So we do have to be very, very careful in who we listen to and how much of that we take on because that may never have happened and a person may be left with made up trauma that has a negative effect on their life. Some people tell people things that they have no right to say? That’s my personal opinion.

The Goldmine to Consciousness Book ( the missing secrets to self-love and empowered relationships)

I was told 30 years ago that I’d write a book and I went, yeah, what am I going to write a book about?

On my 60th birthday, the book was on the table. It just arrived in February this year. The book is about the process I take the client through on the first session, it’s a workbook. I take you through all the processes, what you really are from a Quantum science perspective, parent relationships, partner relationship, your birth process, drug use and what we are trying to emotionally suppress by using each drug, your numerology, the little voice technique, how we set up our own beliefs, and many interesting chapters to shift your consciousness from outside to inside and these are all the missing secrets to how to love yourself. There’s a lot in the 33 chapters.

You can purchase a book direct from me in Trinity Gardens or I can post it out, or order through Amazon and it’s also available as an ebook too.

Monatomic Andara Crystal Meditation Manifestation Group

If anyone’s interested in doing meditation with the Andaras to manifest, I’m looking at starting that up in my home. It’ll be a maximum of 8 people so please contact me if you’re interested.

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