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New Soulful Resources Christine Sheeky

When I gave birth to my daughter, Kansas, who’s now 26, I stopped distracting and numbing from my pain from past childhood trauma and this is when I learnt how to meditate and met a beautiful lady Nancy, who taught me Reiki and angel cards.

For the next 26 years, I’ve learned lots of healing techniques and tools to help heal myself and now to help heal others.

In 2005 I worked for SA Health as a youth worker and community development worker, and back then we noticed a gap of resources for men and unfortunately, there still isn’t enough, so I wanted to modify my healing guide books and spiritual guide books for men as well.

They can be downloaded from the website or you can get a printed version. The Soulful Guidebook for Men has lots of tools and practices, both healing and spiritual practices, self care, self worth, self respect, affirmations, letting go of anger, letters of release, forgiveness, lots of different tools and practices that they can use in their learning about manifestation, letting go of grief, intuition. There are about 25 pages in the men’s healing guidebook.

They’re only $5 to download as I wanted to make it affordable for people to use online and they can have their own journal and work through the activities. Each guidebook and toolbox for the children and youth have soul work activities and practical activities to do on a daily basis.

Myself and a few other practitioners are available to work online or one to one with men, youth, children, women and adults.

Tracy Parker is one of our Family Constellation workers that people can book online or book face to face appointments with as well and that’s through my website.

I’ve had my own experiences with Family Constellations over the years with Susan Altswager and my whole family at the time, did sessions with her and we healed past trauma from generations and generations which really helped me heal myself in the now and helped all the members of the family from the children to us adults.

Tracy spent a couple of years training with Susan so I’m proud to have her on the website and offer some services.

The Children’s toolbox offers 25 pages of different activities and they can modify them to suit a two year old. I have made it for five years and up but I have worked with under fives in my past and taught them about breathing and using crystals, about gratitude and self love.

I found there was a gap in the Department of Education. There’s no soulful education out there for children and youth and I was a youth worker for nine years, back in 2005 and when I was making my healing guidebook, and then modifying them to suit I just had to put one out there for children and youth to connect with their soul to learn about energy and all sorts of different topics that they can learn and practice and use on a daily basis.

As children we look up to the people around us, we’re a product of our environment so it’s also really important for ourselves as parents to work on ourselves and heal and give back that self love and self care that we’re always giving out and recalling our power so that we are in a place that we can offer that love, and it ripples out to the family.

In 2017, when I was in a bit of a dark place, and suffering from some depression and anxiety, I just couldn’t get myself out of bed and had to dig deep into my toolbox of all that I’ve learned since I was 21 and I made the Soulful Healing Guidebook for myself.

I worked through it and it wasn’t until last year that I created it, then this year, the Soulful Spiritual Guidebook came along because I’ve learnt from lots of teachers and healers including Prema Joy, Di Goulding, Jonathan McIntyre, Matthew Greenwood, Susan Altswager, and many of the tools and practices I have learnt  for my spiritual  journey are in there as well.

Retreats for Women and Youth

In the past, I’ve delivered these with myself and Donna and my friend Tracy Parker have helped. In the future, we’ll be using the Guidebooks as a bit of a workshop and to also practice some of the tools throughout the weekend or the evening.

The youth retreat will be an outdoor, in nature, camping retreat and they can use the workbooks, we will do some hands on physical stuff and teach them lots of things from mindfulness, affirmations, letters of release and lots more.. We’re hoping to run a Women’s Retreat in August and include meditation, yoga, massage, healing, and also use the Guidebooks.

In 2005, I worked in Kilburn community, and I had a big group of young people, both male and females, and we used to go on camps and take them away to lots of destinations and they learned some great life skills out in nature.

Hard copies of the e-books are available from RaeAnne and her husband’s shop, Tribal Spiral Dreadlocks and Funky Finds  on Goodwood Road where I’ll be working from and helping volunteer in July from the 12th  and it will be on  Soulful Tuesdays. I will be doing some intuitive massage, mediumship consultations, children’s toolbox groups and a meditation circle. This opportunity just popped up today and I’m so very grateful to RaeAnne to offer sacred space.people can contact me on my website to make a booking  or contact my mobile 0432 118 040 .

Soulful Connection Healing Deck

I created them a few years ago and they were basically all the tools and techniques that I’ve learned over the past 26 years, with messages that you can use on a daily basis. They’re available on the website and Adaire has a pack and some of my friends online now. They’re nice little messages to receive.

Card Readings

I have a little ‘how to use your cards’. With all my oracle cards, I always knock on them to begin with to clear the energy, then I just spend a few minutes with them and I’ll silently put energy into the cards and intuitively ask for a message for you and our viewers.

Your card is “Goddess or God – to connect with the God or Goddess within you by breathing into your soul. Your god or goddess is offering you power, strength and courage. Hold your head up high and keep moving forward. You’re on the right path.

Card for Sue Bennett: So this one has jumped out – Inner Child. Connect with your inner child by being playful coloring or go out to a playground. Your inner child may need some healing. Imagine yourself as a small child within your heart space and tell them they are safe, loved and nurtured.

I have some inner child activities in the Soulful Spiritual Guidebook as well, so they’re good to connect with.

Card for Symon Carter: Love. Love conquers all and releases negative energies, creates joy and healing. Visualize a white light from your heart space and send to them your love to the planet, the people in need, including yourself and loved ones.

Card for Alex Merrick: Make time for your family today. Make your phone call or visit them. Family aren’t always blood related and today connect with your soul family.

Card for Jan Chappell: The universe is the consciousness of God, Buddha, divine source, whomever it is that you connect with and it is unchangeable and eternal. Pray, set intentions and trust that the universe has your back.

Card for Adaire Palmer: You got love as well. So love conquers all and releases negative energies, creates joy and healing. So visualize that white light from your heart space and send it out to our planet, people in need, including yourself and loved ones.

Card for Wayne Elliot: So this literally flew out of the pack and it’s love as well. I think everyone’s just receiving this message tonight that love conquers all and it releases negative energies, creates joy and healing. So I’m sure you heard the other messages of love before.

There are about 50 cards in the pack. When I was in the Blue Mountains, I was working on a Canva app and things were just channelling through. I’d ask my partner to give me some ideas – we’re both water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, so I brought water into the energy of the cards  and as it was Spring at the time, I put the energy of Spring and lots of different messages in the cards.

Card for Tracy Parker: The energy of Summer. Summer is a time for new energy and action, to take time to get outdoors and renew yourself, soak up the golden rays of sun and allow it to bless your cells, your muscles, DNA, and your soul and your entire being with healing.

I still get out every day when it’s sunny in winter so the energy of summer is about action.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Teaching

Recently, I trained a mother and son at their home, and we spent a day in training but prior to that the mum had done a small session with me so I can tailor it to people’s needs. If there’s a small group, I can work with that or one to one and have taught children Reiki 1 in the past.

I haven’t done anything online because I really feel Reiki is good to teach in person so I’m yet to venture out there online to teach people but I did my Masters in 2014. Over the years, I’ve done groups over two days and then I’ve modified them to suit people.

It just depends on who’s interested and I also keep them at an affordable rate too, because a lot of people are struggling at the moment and if there is anyone out there that is struggling and can’t afford to download a $5 book, please contact me because I’m happy to email a book to anyone in need, as well.

Mediumship and Psychic

A few years ago, I studied with James Van Praagh. I know we all have abilities as psychics, some have abilities as mediumship and I’ve always been told to do something with it, and never did. So I recently completed a Certificate with James Van Prague in Mediumship and I know you don’t need a Certificate but I learned lots of different tools and practices, and ways to work with people.

I’ve been doing online, mediumship consults and my most recent was a 20 year old, young male who is going to download the men’s workbook because there are things that came from that that he can work with. We’ve been connecting with people’s loved ones, and I just love being able to share messages from people’s loved ones.

James van Praag has the School of Mystical Arts online and you can check it out there. He does all different levels. It’s all videos so you can do it in your own time and so it’s a commitment to yourself, like it is every day with our spiritual journey and healing journeys to commit daily to these practices. So you do the homework and move on to the next video and learn from other mediums all around the world. I’ve been hoping to do more overseas and international clients as well online and I’m prepared to get up at 3am or 4am if I have to.

I have family in Belfast, and I’m going to be tapping in and doing some readings for them.

Contact Christine:

Facebook: Soulful Connection with Christine Sheeky

Website: Soulful Connection

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