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Kirsten McKenzie Health Coach

My passion is to help people move beyond any mental, emotional or physical illness challenges that they have in the shortest time possible.

My learning and education journey has been going on for over 20 years now and I discovered that it doesn’t matter how much we learn intellectually, we get perspective, sometimes that shifts us very quickly, but for the most part, it doesn’t create the change that we’re looking for.

So through my own frustration with not really being where I wanted to be in life, I started to ask bigger questions and if you know me, I am an absolute knowledge nerd. I love research! There’s not a day goes by that I don’t have my head in something. I was very intellectual, but then started to delve more into the science side of things.

I’ve looked at so many different modalities and tried to find answers and looked at different cultural ways to enlightenment, and then eventually found my way to science and the beautiful thing about science is that it’s starting to take the mysticism out of spirituality.

Spirituality has always been deemed to be something outside of ourselves or a science and we know it’s in us and will still seek things outside of us. Whereas science is now very pragmatically explaining to us how we create and what spirituality is. So for me being a knowledge nerd, I have to get my head around that.

I started to delve into things that very quickly and succinctly work with the subconscious mind and understanding that our thoughts create our reality, I’ve known that forever, but how do we change them and have modalities that change our thinking?

It’s not just our thoughts that we’re programmed with, we also have habitual patterns of feeling and need help to identify and release all our trapped emotions from the past. The Body Code gives us the greatest scope to effectively communicate with the subconscious mind and our intelligent database to tell us exactly what’s causing whatever it is that we’re experiencing, identify the direct imbalances and release them, resolve them, and balance them on the spot.

That’s the wow factor in the complexity of who we are as a person. We’re more than a three dimensional being, we have a structure and an energy body that incorporates a spirit, our three dimensional body can get imbalances that gives you symptoms that seem spiritual. This takes the guesswork out of it.

How The Body Code works

If you think of yourself like a temple, and within your sacred temple is every single known bit of information about you from everything that you’ve consciously collected along your path since you’ve been on the planet to things you’ve inherited to things that you’ve come in with or born with.

Within your temple is a structural temple which is your physical body but you also have an energetic and a spiritual body in there. So within the spirit body your meridians may not be balanced, or your spirit body may be out of alignment, your aura can be blocked, your chakras can be misaligned. These are the areas that you can get a misalignment in your spirit body that can show up.

If you think of yourself a bit like an iceberg, all of our workings and all of our secrets and all of the answers are beneath the waterline. We sit above the waterline experiencing life literally like being on the end of a dog’s tail, trying to find some level of peace and happiness up here and try to micromanage from here but when we come in through underneath the waterline to where the secrets are all held, which is in your temple, we can then acknowledge fully that we are not just structural, we are spiritual as well, and we’re not just spiritual, we’re structural, as well.

The key here is that when we’re in our conscious state, above the waterline and trying to problem solve or troubleshoot using trial and error, you can be using spiritual modalities, and you can be using more of your traditional modalities that deal with the structural body but you’re still troubleshooting.

Within your temple is a record keeper that knows everything about your personal records – that’s your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind will never lie to you. It’ll tell you anything you want to know, you’ve just got to frame your questions in the right way to get the answers. So the system that I use absolutely acknowledges that we are structural, and we are energetic, and we are spiritual, but there are different levels and layers within each of those where we can get imbalances.

It offers up that opportunity to our subconscious mind to say precisely what’s causing this physical or emotional problem or blocks and we just go in our subconscious mind and it tells us exactly what we need to do to fix it on the spot.

The Body Code is the most advanced modality on the planet at this point in time, that enables us to create change in any aspect of ourselves on the spot.

We just ask the question, what’s the underlying cause or reason for you not having discipline around food or not having control around food, or ongoing weight issues, we can ask your intelligent record keeper in your internal database “Is there an underlying cause or reason why my body is hanging on to fat or why I don’t seem to be able to lose weight”. It’s all about how we frame the question. Your subconscious mind knows exactly where you want to be, and it knows exactly what’s in your best interest.

These modalities don’t replace traditional medicine. We’re decoding and rectifying the imbalances in the body that are creating a state of disease so the minute we remove any resistances, or imbalances, the body just naturally goes back to balance.

Your body can even tell you what it needs to support it. It will decode essential oils, herbs, spices, food, proteins and whether your body is not absorbing protein properly, if you’re getting the wrong proteins. It will direct you to the best source of protein naturally, getting what we need from nature.

Your body is an amazing intelligent being. It’s about understanding and getting back to more of the quantum physics perspective on what we’re doing here. Whilst I’m very spiritual in my practice, I’m also very pragmatic in my approach to creating change for people and take it very seriously. I want you to get as much change in the shortest amount of time that we can do, but also trust in the divine intelligence, mind, body and soul.

We’re 100% energy, so what actually happens for us is that we may come in with inherited pre-conception or stuff that we absorb while we’re in utero and then we collect a whole lot of junk along our path from trauma to emotional stress to some interesting perceptions about ourselves in life, and every single one of those is energy.

When we look at emotions, for example, the emotion of worthlessness, it has a frequency to it. That’s all emotions are – frequencies of energy that we give a name to, so that we can understand and express them but  as we know, what love means to you, can mean something very different to me.

When you release an inherited emotion, which has a frequency, the minute that you dissolve it within you, the frequency can no longer exist because you’ve released it and that’s why whenever we release or change anything that’s generational or inherited, it erases it.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there’s no worthlessness left in you and we looked at your heart wall, there will probably be many more emotions of worthlessness because it’s a frequency and because we’re energy, we’re governed by quantum physics that says, like attracts like.

Which means that if you come in with worthlessness on your heart already, and you come in with worthlessness, even as a soul, and then within the uterus, you then absorb some worthlessness from your Mother, so we come in on the back foot already and effectively attract more experiences of worthlessness.

What we habitually think and feel, are attracted to us like beacons as our thoughts and feelings create for us.

The beauty of this work, especially for people who have done a lot of internal work already, is that we just go in and give the subconscious mind and your body the opportunity to communicate and let’s just get rid of it.

In a session, it’s really all about having fun. The more you know, and the longer you’re not where you want to be, that pressure builds up, then you can become very disillusioned, get down on yourself or you project it onto others.

When you book in, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on beneath the waterline that you can’t even possibly understand or even know or decode, the multi levels of ways that we can get imbalances.

We simply surrender your conscious mind and I go into surrogation for your energy just to make it really quick and easy and we ask what’s the cause, and we let your subconscious mind guide us.

It’s a beautiful thing to finally get to the core of whatever you’ve been experiencing for a long time and it’s not limited to any one thing, it is whatever you’ve got going on that can be explored. Even hereditary diseases, and genetic disorders. It’s fun. It can quickly transform Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is stress stored in your subconscious mind and body and when you give the body the opportunity to release it so it will resolve.

All of our emotional programming through our thoughts and things we come in with are like lead weights and they’re literally frequencies of energy.

Our trapped emotions are a frequency of low energy, and approximately 70% of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves aren’t supported, then we have emotional baggage from the past as well as what we brought in through utero, so our body is literally living in the past.

We’re living through vibrational memories and frequencies of energy that are memories from the past thoughts, emotions, imbalances and so by default, that’s why it’s so hard to create change.

Until we release those frequencies, those unsupportive beliefs, and trapped emotions, we’re living in the past. Every time we release a trapped emotion, we create a balance and we change a limiting belief to a positive one, we’re clearing out inner clutter.

If we have two beacons of water, one is clear and one is murky, the only thing that makes the water murky is the grains of soil and every time you throw out one of those grains of soil, it naturally becomes clearer and lighter and that’s what I use Emotion Code Body Code for and then a Psyche K is about resetting your Satnav for the destination of where you want to go by rewiring your thoughts. 

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