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Stay Wild Moon Child Anna-Louise Haigh

I caught sight of this phrase some time ago, and it just clicked with me because in my upbringing, following the moon and its cycles was really a lifesaver and pivotal to finding clarity, finding serenity, and really tuning into myself. It’s actually a quote that comes from a book that was all about gathering that sense of freedom within you

Stay Wild Moon Child is all about tuning into your intuition and trusting it and following the moon cycles so when you are feeling that something needs to change, it’s probably because the moon has gone into its dark phases and that’s where you go within. It encourages you look more introspectively at what really makes your heart sing, where you’re going in life and so on. When the moon brings her beams back out, it’s all about showing up and shining. It’s about following that inner pattern within you.

I offer live full moon meditations every month and I do a lot of work around the moon because it’s more of a divinely feminine energy. I feel truly in my bones that the healing the planet needs is in alignment with the divine feminine within us. It really represents the person within us that wants to follow their own dreams.

What books have you written?

The first book I wrote was The Soul Whisperer then came next book, Light-filled, Loving & Wise which is a handy little pocket sized book that stays in the handbag or by the bed. Because it’s small, there’s no room for waffle! It’s a really concise prompter for living a light-filled, loving and wise life. Then I’ve got Be the Light which is 21 ways to shine. That’s my lockdown book, which was born out of my fabulous Facebook group called The Soul Whisperer Sisterhood.

It is all about manifesting the light within you and being a beacon for others when they need it most. I get my inspiration from the people around me so I love to respond to that and it guides what I offer.

They’re all available for purchase from my website.

Awaken Your Wow Retreats

I’ve run retreats for over 10 years now. Glastonbury is one of the main venues. I also offer regular retreats in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. I feel really blessed to be able to go to these amazing places and introduce people to the energy, the environment, and let them tune into where in themselves their wow, which I see as their world of wisdom or their weaver of wisdom, is waiting to speak to them. We open that connection, and everybody has their own unique experiences. 

I only take eight people on a retreat so it’s intimate. You don’t have to throw your life in the middle of the floor and have it picked apart by everybody. It’s not like that. It’s more focused on deep inner awakening, with a subtlety and a grace that is held and encouraged in the company of like minded women. Naturally inner growth happens organically and we have lots of fun, great food and chance to be in nature and just soak up the energy of where we are at Glastonbury or in the Dales.

Both of them are happening in July 2022 and I’m so looking forward to it. I just can’t wait.

The Way of your Soul Online Program

This online program is a nine-month rebirthing and emergence, not an emergency, of growth, and it brings the soul to life in a way that it becomes your sidestepping companion. It’s there with you all the time, yet you can still be human and in the world around you.

For me, it was the opportunity to pour over 30 years worth of experience, insight and growth into one place that would go deep and blossom. It’s a bit like the lotus, we start in the muddy roots and nobody ever saw where we came from, and we let those roots nurture us but we rise like the lotus. 

At the end of the program, there is that complete lotus moment and it is gentle but it digs deep. Again, you’re held and there’s so much growth that comes from it that subtly over the nine months, you evolve, emerge and continue your Awakening Ascension journey.

I love delivering it and I love the women I work with.

I always aim to meet people at their point of need or desire or growth, wherever they’re at, so coming on a retreat, or going on a program, it’s not that you’re shoehorned into one mindset, it’s about evolving with what is there. With any of my retreats, although they’re called Awaken Your Wow and there’s a general framework because there needs to be, I always tailor what we do in our sessions together based on the group that gathers.

Therefore, it’s not formulaic, it’s not stamp press, and it’s very individualized and personal. On the Way of your Soul, because we have the one-to-one time and mentoring, I can nurture people as fast or as slow as they want to go and dive into areas of special interest that may be unique to them. My joy in what I do, is being able to have that connection and being able to walk beside somebody as they navigate their journey.

It is an honor to help them find their own answers in their own voice, not take on somebody else’s beliefs or mindset because that’s like skimming the surface, and it’s not going to sink in and be deep and meaningful.

My role is to be the way-shower or the soul whisperer to help people heal themselves and move themselves forward to give them the tools to do it and feel safe and comfortable in doing that and just emerge in whatever’s right at this stage.

Micro power Meditation

For this micro power meditation, I fully believe that meditation can be spontaneous and it can happen instantly, so I’m going to invite you to sit back, close your eyes and just take three really nice slow, deep breaths and trust that you are in the right place at the right time for an opening of a new channel of communication into your heart centre.

I invite you to bring to mind the image of your favorite flower. Letting your breath be deep and slow, just use your imagination to really bring your favorite flower into full focus in your mind’s eye.

You might imagine the fragrance and in your mind, identify that. Is it sweet? Floral? Herbal? Whatever it might be. As you survey your flower and look at the qualities it has. Is it multi petaled and multifaceted? Or is it more simplistic like a daisy?

Look at whether it has a central core to which all the other petals are attached or is it more complex?

Take a nice deep breath.

Now, we’re going to use your flower as a metaphor for you and what lies in your heart as part of your beingness. And so as you look upon your flower again, recognise its character. Is it complex or more simplistic? Is it tight in its petals or is it more open? Whatever you see to be the attributes of your flower, say to yourself, I am that.

Look at the shape of the petals. Look at the colour and perhaps you could align the colour with a chakra. And with the colour, know that your chakra is speaking to you. Think about what that means. Because there is more meaning for you, more messages.

So your red flowers will talk to you about being more grounded. Your orange ones will be more creative. Yellow talks to you about being more confident and remembering that all of this is already within you. The lush green leaves represent the heart centre and the pink blossoms, the higher heart where wisdom and self love radiate. Blue flowers speak of your throat chakra and here, this is about speaking your truth with loving kindness.

Indigo bluey purple flowers are related to your third eye and are calling to you now to open that third eye and trust. White flowers are all about bringing all aspects of yourself into alignment. So whatever colour your flower may be today, this is the message for you. You can anchor those messages simply by saying, ‘I am that.’

If your flower had a particular message for you, born of its own voice, regardless of what flower it is, what would that message be to you? Remembering the flowers you love so much are nurtured by the sunlight and are encouraged by the moonlight so they hold light for you.

What is their message? Take a nice deep breath. Anchor that massage. And knowing you can repeat this anytime you like and if you’re in your garden, you may stop and gaze at a flower and that flower has a message for you. So take a breath and ask, what is your message for me today? Let nature be your teacher, your healer and your guide and you will be enriched in every way, every day.

One more nice, deep breath. When you’re ready, just open your eyes and perhaps pop in the chat, what was the message you received today? For it will give you inspiration and we can encourage you on. Welcome back.

Connect with nature

When needed most, it’s really important to remember that as much as we love the digital world, it’s about disconnecting so you can reconnect in your own way. You can never undervalue the healing energy that can come from just a simple forest walk, or walking in a meadow.

It’s about honouring that connection to the earth, barefoot is best, and then to the universe. Letting that energy run through you but also, it doesn’t have to be daylight, it can be at night when the moon is shining bright and this is where there’s almost a cheekiness and a secretiveness about being able to walk in the full moonlight without any torches or flashlights or anything.

Being guided by the moonlight has a different quality than just going for a walk in the daytime, because obviously, it’s a much slower walk, because you need to be more careful, it’s much more serene. Coming back to Stay Wild, Moon Child, means that when you can embrace yourself in nature. No matter whether it’s day or night time, it will give you the gifts, and don’t just walk, be in that walk. Start to see what catches your eye and say to yourself, okay, ‘if something’s caught my eye, it must resonate with something within me because I wouldn’t recognise whatever that is, if I didn’t already have that pattern within me.’

Take a moment, see what catches your eye, recognise that it is something within you and then say, ‘I am that’, and then ask, what the message is. The times you need it most, you will get the most profound insights and it could be the thing that turns you in a new direction.

Never dismiss the power of the simplistic. That is often where the best next step messages will lie in wait for you. Get out and do some Moon bathing when you can because it tunes into a different part of you. Remember, all of us were born under the influence of a different phase of the moon and that different phase of the moon can actually have a thread running through your whole life.

I’m not an Astrologer but you could Google your date of birth and what moon phase was nearest your date of birth, and then look up what that means, what the representation of that moon phase is and see how that weaves into your own journey because that will give you more self awareness and that’s always a good thing.

I used to go for my moonlight walks when I was in my teens, and it’s almost as though you leave part of yourself there because that puts such a great imprint on your soul and on yourself.

Whatever lights you up, we need to implant these things because that’s what keeps us well on every level.

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