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Carolyn Wilkins Yomassage

I’ve crafted a massage session that incorporates hot stones as well, so it’s this beautiful, deeply relaxing, nurturing session where I feel like I bundle everyone up and it’s like I give them this big hug of warmth and care and massage and then incorporate a bit of sound at the end because I find that helps to relax even further at the end.

I was very lucky to train in Yomassage during COVID when I was closed, as I was able to do it online with the founders who are based in America.

It’s a gorgeous fusion of mindful touch, through clothes, restorative stretch, positions where you rest and are supported with bolsters and blankets and blocks and guided meditation and breathwork. It’s this lovely fusion of settling, resting, and receiving. It has been designed so that it makes massage and touch more accessible, and it’s a beautiful way of receiving touch in a safe environment.

It was designed and created by a massage therapist and a yoga therapist. At the end of a yoga session when you’re in Shavasana, you might get a touch and that lovely softening feeling as your body lengthens.

It’s not massage and it’s not yoga but a lovely fusion of both and is based upon starting yoga at all times you are resting for about usually about 10 minutes while I go around and massage everyone so and at that time you were just settling and breathing and just enjoying the space and the music and the atmosphere as well.

I only have about four in a class so it’s intimate, but there’s also this sort of building of a community as well because you get friends coming along and partners so you get this lovely synergy of energy in the room as well but it’s not so overwhelming either because it is this lovely small setting as well. Everyone gets individual attention but they also get to share it with other people as well.

The individual sessions are held in my studio and I have two lovely spaces, one in Richmond and one in O’Halloran Hill where I run the classes and groups. It’s a lovely way of just experiencing something a little bit different. I also run private classes for groups of people in their home or other places.

Heather at Peak Wellbeing in Richmond, has Onsen hot springs so we’re looking at doing a longer session that incorporates sitting in a gorgeous hot bath for a little while and then coming and have a Yomassage and a little bit of sound so the options are endless.

I’m crafting longer sessions so that you get the yoga nidra, the sound and the yomassage and extra things like that.

I have a 60 minute class, that’s basically an introduction. My sweet spot is about a 90 minute class because there’s the extended relaxation and a bit of sound at the end.

I’m looking at offering two hours, three hours, four hours, and being able to incorporate other things like extended sound, yoga nidra, and the onsen and things like that.

More of a Women’s Circle where we are gathering, connecting, talking, listening and being seen, which is the whole reason why I do what I do.

I’m going to be crafting my own drum very soon so I’d like to be able to incorporate that and my background is actually in classical music so I’m hoping to incorporate some singing as well in that so I’m looking forward to that.

I have a Bachelor of Music in Performance and I specialised in what’s called Early Music so that’s the vocal music up until about 1750. It’s purer and lighter, so I don’t have the big operatic voice. Some of the music is just absolutely gorgeous.

Yomassage has been around for just over three years and is predominantly in the US, so there are a lot of practitioners over there, but as far as I know, there are two practitioners in Perth and three of us here in Adelaide – Rose is in Sterling and Hayley is in Mount Barker.

It’s been lovely connecting with them as I’ve actually been able to go and receive a Yomassage class myself, which has been a blessing. It adds that extra dimension where I go, oh, my goodness, this just feels incredible.

Yomassage is suitable for any age as long as you can get down onto the floor and get up again, as part of the session involves moving the bolsters into a different position then resting in that.

I love dancing and attend Lindy Hop classes which is a form of swing. It’s energetic, fun, and flirty, and you can do it by yourself or with a partner. Swing Out Adelaide in North Adelaide offers weekly classes and it’s so much fun.

Upcoming Events

Yomassage classes

SA Wellness Centre, O’Halloran Hill – Saturday November 13

Peak Wellbeing, Richmond – Saturday December 11

2.15pm – 60 min Yomassage class

4pm – 90 min Yomassage class

recentre reTREAT

SA Wellness Centre, O’Halloran Hill – Sunday December 5 – 3pm

Peak Wellbeing, Richmond – Sunday December 12 – 11am

Special Offer

Ranging from $5 off for the 60 minute Yomassage class up to 15% off if you book a personal session with me in the studio at Ascot Park (between Marion Road and South Road).

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