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Holistic Health & Emotional Healing Naturally Bec Norton
I offer breathwork, mind and body balance which is a combination of almost all of my modalities, hypnotherapy, individual guided meditation, Reiki energy healing, chakra balancing and relaxation, or as I call it – meditative massage. I use those modalities for PTSD, childhood trauma, that also comes up in adulthood, stress, addictions, body image, postnatal depression, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

I do a whole range of things and clients can come for an individual session or a mind and body balance which takes about two to three hours and that’s where I combine everything together.

The body readings have been really good for me, but I get a lot of help from upstairs as well. They have helped me personally too. The energy channels through me and I use a lot of it especially around grief. When someone’s just lost a loved one I connect with them within a couple of days or a week of the soul crossing over. I get a lot of grieving families coming to see me for that.

I’ve had some clients whose loved one hasn’t left a will behind and they come to me to find out what they want them to do with their estate. It’s really interesting stuff but I’ve had the ability to connect since I was tiny. I can just remember being able to read people and connect with the other side from a very young age, about the age of three.

What happens when someone doesn’t heal what they need to in this lifetime?

When we’re born we’re climatized and programmed at the beginning, so when it comes to emotional trauma as a child, for instance, our parents have bought their behaviours on how to react with those situations that bought them in and have been taught to you.

It’s really important to understand what fits in with your life and whether the beliefs and the family dynamics that you’ve been born into fit your current life.

Are they your beliefs? Are they fitting with where you want to be at this time? Is it fitting with you emotionally and physically and very importantly, do you want to change the pattern of what your children are learning as well because you are the best example for your children as they will learn from mum and dad how to deal with situations so you can change the course of your narration or behaviours.

In my treatments I give clients the tools to help them at home as well. For instance, with the breathwork, that’s something that does need to be monitored because we’re working on a cellular level and at a deep emotional point within our mind, body and soul, and there are some things that may come up if you’re doing it on your own.

It’s really important as a Breathwork Practitioner and Therapist, that we are there to make sure that any trauma that does come up is handled appropriately, so the client leaves when they are comfortable and when they have clarity.

Some people just come for one session, but then they might come back and have another couple of sessions. It just depends on how much we managed to lift and help.

I help to translate and soften the emotions around what’s been going on which can go back to childhood.

I always let my clients know that what is happening with them can actually be a representation or something that has happened from childbirth, even conception and to consider what your parents’ relationship was like, or what mum or dad were going through at the time of conception.

That has a really big impact on our behaviours and our emotional state as we get older.

My mum’s experience with me at childbirth was that she had to hold on to me because she was told not to push, so I found it really difficult to move and overcome some battles and that’s when the fight or flight kicks in sometimes. If you can imagine that you’re in the womb, and you’re wanting to just come out and the obstetrician is saying no, she’s got to stay in there. That’s why it actually does come from conception and birth.

What happens when a client comes to see you?

My client comes in highly stressed out with a lot going on but can’t pinpoint the reason why, but leaving with clarity and very relaxed.

We sit down and go through some things and I just let them talk, I call it verbal vomit all over me, just to get it off their chest and then that gives me an idea of where they’re at, what is triggering them and how long it’s been going on for.

By the time we’ve had that chat and introduction, I get to know exactly where it’s coming from. Then I take them into my therapy room and they lay down on the treatment table on their back and that’s when we work through the breathwork with connected breathing to help relax the body as well as assisting to bring up any emotions that are attached to what we’ve just been talking about.

Then I do the chakra healing, a guided meditation which is about acknowledging any emotions that have come up and there can be a whole range of issues that come forward. It could be from childhood where something has come up and they can’t suppress it any longer, they can’t put it in the box – Pandora’s Box has opened and it’s not going to go down, it’s not going to go where they can’t hide it away so the guided meditation CBT cognitive behaviour, therapy with that, and it’s just about visualization, putting everything into the wooden canoe but also feeling the emotions around as well.  Just shifting the canoe down the stream a little bit, with the breathing.

I do the Reiki energy healing as well and then at the end, when they’re totally relaxed and in a meditative state, I do massage the face and do some tapping on the face too using and the crown chakra. Then I do the neck and the shoulders and hands and the feet. Everyone just loves having their hands and feet done and I use that as a cleansing and healing.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of my healing work and as I said, the trauma can be from childhood,  it can be current stuff, it can be work related, just stress that’s going on in their lives at the moment.

It can be used for anything, any emotion.


Some people may be reluctant to come because they’re on medication. If you’re on any antidepressants or anything like that, that’s fine. I work with that and that’s where the healthcare plan comes in. I am getting a lot of GP overflow referrals which is good as I’m happy that I’m able to contribute.

How I got into this work

I went to see a Psychologist who just didn’t get me. She talked so much about herself and I got absolutely nothing out of it but it did make me about what I could do so I signed up back in 2000 and studied counselling, then I did massage therapy because I wanted to know why I was so stressed out and couldn’t relax. Then I did all the other modalities and the most beneficial was the breathwork therapy because it works at a cellular level and from childbirth and conception. That’s why I’m a big believer in that area. It helped me heal all the way up until I finished. I’m very grateful for the Australian Academy of Breathwork.

The power of forgiveness as well, 20 years ago I didn’t want to forgive but it’s not within me anymore. The sense of freedom that I’ve got now since allowing myself to forgive has given me so much clarity, and I just feel so much lighter and like I radiate more love now that I’m not full of all of that sludgy stuff. For someone who’s going through what I went through, years ago, it’s hard to even imagine showing forgiveness but once you gradually get yourself there, it definitely makes a big difference in your life path and is also a good example for your kids as well.

Life Coaching

I do Life Coaching and that can be six sessions where you come into the healing centre and we do the mind and body balance and the breathwork individually, not in a group session.


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