Breaking the Rules of Autism & Trauma ~ Lady Paula Ann Darch

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Breaking the Rules on Autism & Trauma Lady Paula Ann Darch

I have always had a passion to work with children.

I remember from a very young age of wanting to work with children, it was my life’s mission to work with children to bring change.

I started out very young as a nanny working and looking after children. I was babysitting from the age of 12 upwards and my whole life was children, children, children, children and it just evolved more and more. I then started working in the Education Department specialising in autism and found such a passion and knew that these beautiful beings were so uniquely special that I wanted more so I made it my mission in the Education Department to really work hard to get to know them.

When I became a healer in 2012 I realised how amazing these children were and what was actually going on for them so I can’t wait to debunk everything and tell you about what I have not only learned about them, but from working with them, and understanding them from such a different perspective.

The Heart Centre Academy of Healing

My new space is amazing. When I visualized my healing centre all of those years ago, I always visualized it being in a home. In 2019, I got the opportunity to actually open my first healing Academy and I’ve worked from home for eight years. The shop felt great, but it still wasn’t what I really wanted.

At the end of last year, I connected in with myself and the universe and said, Okay, what else is possible, and I got the words, you need to move to the house. I asked my landlord, and funnily enough, the house, which was about not directly above me, but one over became available early this year. I moved into a three bedroom house, and I always wanted to have a sensory room, and was able to set that up at the Academy but not the way I really wanted to whereas now the children have a whole room dedicated to them with these amazing sensory items.

To be honest, I know that I’m autistic, and never been diagnosed but I know because I love sensory. I’m very overwhelmed with touch and feeling and am very energetically aware.

This actually comes from my experience with my son and I, when he was three years old, he suffered significant trauma from abuse and from that moment forward, started diagnosis. Every time I took my son to get help, he was diagnosed with something else and labelled. I noticed that as soon as he got diagnosed with a label, he became that label.

Then it just became the norm for him to behave the way that the label and what they said he had to be and would be. When he was a teenager, one of the psychiatrists actually labelled him with something called Conduct Disorder and in front of my son, the psychiatrist said, “Your son has conduct disorder, he will be in jail, and he’ll be a drug addict in the next couple of years so set him up now to make him actually go to jail now, so that he’ll know what that’s like.”

I was devastated and disgusted but also realized that every single time he was diagnosed, and I was noticing that the children that I was working with, every time they got a diagnosis, they became more of that.

They completely 100% lost who they were because they were being told by these Specialists.

It absolutely dumbfounded me that the Specialists were diagnosing these children and saying all these things in front of them that results in the children thinking that must be who I’ll be. I want to break that role as we actually don’t need to do this to our children anymore, we actually need to be seeing them for who they are, rather than the label that we are giving them.

With my second child, the education system, and lots of other people, wanted him diagnosed with many things and I refused. I said no, you are not giving him a label, no, that is not happening. You are going to look at that child as that child, you are not going to look at them as what you want them to be, and this is the problem with society. They want our children to be in this box, they want our children to behave the way that they want them to behave but we’re not here to do that.

We are not here to be what someone else wants us to be. We are here to be ourselves.

Every time that we have this label, or every time we get told to be something or do something, we actually lose another part of us, which is where the trauma comes in because they start to feel like they don’t belong in the world. We have so much anxiety and depression in society now, because of this thing that you’re meant to be this and you’re meant to be that, and I’m here to go, no, you actually don’t.

We are here to support you to be you. Uniquely, wonderfully, amazingly.

Weekend River Retreat

I have a retreat on the 29 April to 1 May. It is in the most amazing location, on the Murray River. What I do with women, predominantly, is take them through to release their trauma. So every retreat is very unique and wonderful and the theme for this one is Queen Bee.

It’s about no longer being the busy bee for everybody else and acknowledging the queen that you are. I’m running a youth program now once a month to really support the youth to step into the power within and connect with themselves which is what I do with all of the children that I work with, but adults as well. I don’t just work with children, I work with adults, I work from the neonatal stage right the way through to the parting and the death process as well. I have supported people to crossover.

Autism and breaking the rules

I had the opportunity to be a speech pathology aide here in South Australia, to an absolutely amazing man, his name was Scott Hardie, who has passed over now.

I was very, very privileged to work with Scott and he trained me a lot in understanding autism. Scott was autistic, and an extremely special Merlin. Scott actually helped me open the Heart Centre Academy of Healing so it’s even more special. He always said to me when he entrusted me with his clients, that there would be a day where I was able to just understand more and more about who they actually are.

He supported me in understanding that, and we worked alongside each other. He also always said to me, I believe in you and he was the first person to really believe in me and what I was already doing with autistic children, which is why he chose me to be his speech pathologist aid here in South Australia, which led me to leave the Education Department and work under his umbrella full time.

Scott’s with us at the moment, and he is really excited because he wasn’t able to keep leading the legacy of his message about autism, so I feel that Scott is very much living through me at the moment, and really getting me to put myself out there with his guidance and support that autistic beings are galactic beings in a human body, they are transcendental beings, they are high frequency beings that do not know how to fit in their physical skin.

The reason why they have so many sensory problems is because they’re not from this world, this time, this space, they are from far beyond, and their energy field is a high frequency, their physical bodies really struggle to fit in this 3D vessel.

When I work with autistic beings – transcendental beings as Scott and I referred to them as, I work with their unique frequency and match where they’re at to support them to fit into the skin they’re in. The reason why I love working with them is because I’m a galactic being and I know what it’s like to have to try and fit in the skin that I don’t feel like I belong in.

All of my life, I did not feel like I belonged in this world, I did not feel like I belonged in this body, so working with transcendental beings, autistic beings, brings me great pleasure to support their being, their physical body, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings to actually be here because they are here for so many reasons beyond what we can even imagine.

They are so special and so amazing, it breaks my heart when the system just labels these beings as bad and naughty and wrong. They are not that, they are here for a reason and we need to start to support these beings to actually be here for the purpose that they’re here for, and I’m not saying not to diagnose them, but what I am saying is to support their physical, mental emotional being, we need to understand them more, and that is what I do.

I understand them.

When they come to me, it is absolutely shocking, the parents bring their kids to me and they ask how am I doing this? I’m just sitting and matching their frequency that they are currently at and supporting their bodies to just be here a little bit, because one of the things that a transcendental being don’t do very well, is regulate their bodies to be in their physical body which is why they’re overwhelmed all the time with it.

Getting financial support

If you are on a plan or self manage, then you can come and see me under the NDIS funding as I am recognized by the NDIS as a Practitioner, so all of my clients at the moment are through NDIS. That is whether they’re self managed, or plan managed. I just need to have an interview with them, and meet the actual person I’ll be working with, whether it’s a child or adult, so it doesn’t matter who you are, I work with you.

I have been able to treat people overseas, because there’s a wonderful thing called the internet and it’s amazing how well all of the services work and because I am an energy worker, then a lot of the actual work doesn’t even have to be done in person because I do a lot of distance healings all over the world with people. They ring me afterwards and are surprised that they really felt the energy.

I remember having a five year old girl from Queensland and her parents were devastated as she’d only just been diagnosed. The girl hadn’t been eating and wouldn’t do other things, and another huge factor that impacts all of us, is Past Lives.

I could tell you 1000 stories of the miracles, but we don’t have time, but I remember this one child, she was five years old and she wouldn’t eat. I was seeing this child for a healing by photo and I could see the past life where she actually had a dirty rag stuffed in her mouth tied around her head and down her arms. Through the healing session, I removed all of that and cleansed the past life that was going on. Her mum rang me later that night in tears, bawling her eyes out and I’m like, oh my God is everything. All right, and she goes, my daughter is eating for the first time.

How did you get the name “Lady Paula?”

Last year, I was asked to go on a show and they wanted a psychic. That’s another avenue of work I do, and so I was invited to be a psychic on this show and part of being on the show was that you received a gift. I didn’t know that was part of it as we didn’t get told that we were going to be given anything.

I was presented with a certificate and when he handed it to me he said “I now name you Lady Paula Darch” At the end of the show, he said he’d sent me the paperwork. So I own a piece of land in Scotland, under the name of Lady Paula. I have the official certificate to say it and because it’s actually authorized, I can now put it on my license, certificates and anything else.

Riverland Wellness Festival – 2 & 3 April 2022

Paula will be at the festival offering Intuitive Guidance Readings and Healings and sharing her stall with Troy Mansfield from Monkey’s Healing Hands who will be offering Access Bars sessions.

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