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In 2009 Sally passed her personal training qualification and began her work as a health and fitness coach, with the main focus being to help people get their health and wellbeing back on top. 

She specializes in working with females because she understands and comes from a place of knowing, but she also works with male clients too. Sally says it’s about striking a balance, and engaging your clients, whilst ensuring they’re doing the right kind of exercises that will improve them and reach their goals.

There’s lots of things to take into consideration, including getting them out of their comfort zone, making it fun and light hearted because you need to build that relationship, and getting them to come back time and time again. It’s hard work and I always say that at the start of any consultation, that I’m going to push you, and you may swear at me and hate me but I’m here to get you results. We chat through the sessions and we talk about life, mindset, and business.

Sally’s five pillars of health and wellbeing include:

1) Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you.

As you get older you really understand the importance of true friends that are there for you no matter what. There’s no judgement, it’s unconditional, and for me, that’s one of the biggest things in terms of leading a happy, healthy life, because it’s all about your tribe, isn’t it? Family and coming together and supporting each other is so important. It’s not about who you’ve known the longest either as some people come into your life that you share a really good quality bond with.

2) Having the same values, lifestyle and environment for positive change.

I see people who are really committed and they’ve got their partners on board, their friends on board, or their kids on board and that has a massive impact on that individual’s results. If it’s the opposite of that, then you’re battling against a number of additional challenges such as cooking separate meals for the kids, or your circle of friends are choosing a different lifestyle. If you’re committed to improving your health and well being, it’s probably going to involve you making some serious lifestyle changes and you’re going to be massively impacted, depending on who you’re spending time with. So it’s not to say that you can’t spend time with those people, it’s just looking at what your priorities are right now, what’s important to you, and do you need to be looking at who you’re spending time with. It’s not about judgement but more about discernment.

It’s also about communication and doesn’t have to be that your partner must be doing what you’re doing, as long as there’s an understanding there and respect that this is the journey you’re on right now and that you need their support. They don’t necessarily need to be involved in it, but just need to understand that this is where you’re at right now.

There’s so much information out there and people literally don’t know where to start. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s about finding what works best for you because the best diet is the one you’re going to stick to in the long term, and remember, this is lifestyle so it isn’t a short fix. It’s about changing the mindset too and basically designing your own program that works best for you, and something you’ll stick to. Bring it back to basics and keep it really, really simple. Once you’ve got a hold of that, and you’re comfortable with it all, then you can start playing around rather than over complicate things.

Keep it simple: eat good quality protein as it’s your number one source of macronutrient protein which is essential for the body; eat fresh fruit and vegetables (that’s fairly common sense); and eat healthy fats and carbs. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

Do what suits your body for the stage of life that you are at. Go with the flow and remember that your body does change, especially for females, as your hormones are regularly changing. You’ve got to take all that into consideration as well. Do your own research and find out what works best for you.

Hunger is either emotional or physiological. Emotional eating is usually linked to feeling tired, bored, sad, frustrated, stressed, angry, or happy. Most people on some level, emotionally eat and again, it’s not a judgment. When you just let go of the idea of perfection, go with the flow, and keep it consistent, it works. Listen to your own body and if you decide you can eat chocolate for a day, then eat chocolate for a day. It’s about what happens after that – are you okay with that? Are you just going to go back to eating fresh vegetables and produce? Or is it an ongoing situation? Very different things.

3) Regular and consistent exercise.

Exercise is my background and I’ve always been sporty since I was a kid, so sometimes I have to take myself out of my own situation to understand it from someone else’s perspective, because not everyone really loves to do exercise. For people just starting out, I always suggest finding something they enjoy doing and we can dial it right back and start with something as simple as walking. Again, don’t overwhelm yourself, find something you like, it might be a Zumba class, boxing class, Tai Chi Class, yoga, or you might enjoy going to the gym and like the social side of it. It’s the same thing with your nutrition, if you enjoy it, you’re going to stick to it and be consistent and as we dive deeper into the exercise, there’s certain types of exercise as we get older, which are more beneficial, especially going into menopause which responds much better to strength and resistance training. Understanding what’s going to work best for your body at the stage of life you’re at is key to success. Exercise is medicine and releases endorphins, which is a natural mood stabilizer.

4) Hydration

Hydration is absolutely essential. If you don’t do anything else for the next week, and want to make a change to your health and wellbeing, make sure you’re hydrating properly every single day and listen to your body.

Sleep – if nutrition is King, then sleep is God. If you’ve got poor quality sleep, it’s going to make everything else suffer. Go with your natural circadian rhythms, and be consistent. Make sure your room doesn’t have any other distractions in it. No screens, no blue lights, it needs to be your sanctuary and a restful place for you to have a good night’s sleep. Think about what you do prior to going to bed. What’s your evening routine? Are you watching movies or playing XBox? Are you scrolling through facebook or are you actually inducing that sleep state and calming your nervous system?

5) Reading books

It’s really important to learn so you grow and challenge yourself, and reading books is part of living a fulfilling life because you expand your awareness and consciousness. Otherwise you stay stagnant and still.

Last but not least, have plenty of great sex. It’s just another form of expression. It’s a way of communicating and hopefully with your partner, it’s a way of releasing that build up. I read lots of things about the health benefits of an orgasm, like it’s good for the skin, it’s good for the hair, it’s good for your own sense of well being as well. Let’s not push sex aside as it’s a really important part of your life. That goes for women and men as well, play different roles and go and enjoy it.

If sex isn’t possible right now then something like an ecstatic dance or just any kind of dance really as dance is another amazing form of expression, especially if you want to get more into your feminine.

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