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Corinna Hartman

“Be Your Own Kind of Magnificent” with Corinna Hartmann from Access More of You

The Healy Device is a wearable frequency device that contains a quantum sensor inside that enables it to scan your energy field in real time, to assess any imbalances, disharmony or where the energy isn’t flowing. It can also support the organs in your body by reading the energy and sending frequencies back into your body via microcurrents. With regular use, it supports your system for a healthier well being and vitality.

Once you’ve purchased the Healy device, there’s an app you connect it to, and once the information goes over to the Healy device, you can switch off all other apps as the frequencies are being emitted out of the Healy itself.

There are over 144,000 frequencies ( within sets of programs) available on the device including ones that work on all of the meridians, on the physical body – to use for your muscles, and ligaments, ones that calm the nervous system, programs for a better sleep, programs for anxiety, protection, bio-energetic field  and ones that support your performance and enhance your physical activities during exercise.

The list of possibilities is endless.  With my background in Access Consciousness,  as an Access Bars Facilitator and Practitioner for over 10 years, I work mostly on creating more space within ourselves.  I’m passionate about clearing points of view, old beliefs, and anything that has held us in limitation, so we can move through and clear those things with ease, and joy.

Having more space is what enables us to access more of ourselves, hence Access More of You. I can use the Healy in a similar way and we don’t even need to know what it is that we’re untangling, because we’re looking at the energy of it. Whatever is ready to be cleared, or begin dissipating will show up on the device, and then we can use the frequencies to send frequency information into the body to support that process.

It’s about inviting the body and being back into its optimal state of wellbeing. This is similar to Access Consciousness which empowers people to know what it is that they know, and allowing the energies to come up without having to dig around anymore and just knowing that we can bring it up, and create a pathway to gently let that go with the greatest amount of ease possible and you can be additionally supported with the Healy frequencies whilst having your Access Bars run at the same.

What’s the difference between the Healy and traditional healing?

The Healy isn’t doing anything that we don’t have a capacity to do ourselves but again, it’s just bringing it more into a conscious realm of looking at it.

I don’t believe that there’s any one thing that’s going to answer everything, but it’s more about whatever lights us up. I didn’t know anything about the Healy, but it came into my awareness on two or three occasions and every time I saw it, my whole insides just lit up and I had this Lightness of Being, which I’ve had at times before, and I know to trust that. So here I am and I love it.

How does it work?

It’s a vibrational frequency that works using the energy field and you can select a number of options, so you can treat a group, yourself, your vehicles, your animals, your bank account, your business, your workplace, buildings, events, and so much more – the possibilities are endless. They all respond very well to frequency vibrations.

Analysis and Healing

For anyone reading this, you’ve been included in the group analysis we did in the live stream show to raise your vibration, as we tapped into everyone in this quantum field.

The device scanned the information field in real time which gave an image of the energy field and chakras with the different colors. The analysis showed a picture of what our chakras as a group collective looked like at the time. The result was that our base chakra, root chakra was quite high, as were all of them as they were above 50%.

At any time, when you do a scan, you can scan all seven chakras, if you choose to, but for this example we selected the lowest reading which was the throat chakra and ran an analysis on that.

We then chose an intention or focus point, which was “I am safe to be me”. You can use a generic focus or create your own to add in there. We included the negative heart relevancies which includes anything from other lifetimes, or that is far back in our subconscious, or buried deeply in the superconscious, that we probably absolutely aren’t aware of.

The device then scans the energy and provides three different readouts for the throat chakra. The first readout was 99% which means it’s 99% relevant to our intention. The next readout was the number 8, which is the intensity of the feelings around it, indicating a fairly high intensity, such as when we’re triggered, as it’s out of 10.

If it was a lower score of say 1 or 2, you could relate to that and it wouldn’t be a big deal but 8 indicates there’s quite a few things we all want to say and we’re possibly not saying them.

Then we have the number 36 which is ancestral and lets us know that we are as a collective group, holding some points of view, and limitations that come from our ancestors. I’m a firm believer of everything backwards and forwards so anything that we untangle here, we’ll also untangle for our ancestors, or at least begin to untangle that.

So our present state in this moment, is that we express ourselves through eroticism and sexuality. There are often little readouts that resonate for some people and don’t resonate for other people, If I was working one to one with a client, we would explore that a little bit more to see where that is relevant with our intention of “I’m safe to be me”.

The present state description lets us know that the throat chakra is shining in the sacral chakra of orange so although it’s a throat chakra issue, it’s actually being expressed through the sacral chakra so when it’s more harmonized, that expression for the throat chakra when we get to our desired state will be coming through the throat chakra.

Our desired state where we would like to be is our harmonization of the topics of communication, personal expression, following one’s intuition, abundance, fluid matters, manifestation of desires, unconditional acceptance by strengthening the vibration of the color blue in the throat chakra.

So when I actually run this scan back into our fields, the vibration of the color blue, and the frequencies of that will also be sent into our information fields. Here, it always gives us a lovely intention or affirmation. I’m expressing myself authentically, through my whole inner being.

For people that use essential oils or other sounding bowls, singing bowls, cards, affirmations, all sorts of things, you can actually use the Healy to record a frequency vibration. When I run the frequencies, I might also add in the frequencies of an essential oil, to assist supporting the frequency treatment that we’re about to receive. I’ve made some of my own frequencies by recording different sounds and things that are important to me, things that I feel have an energy, and I just tap into that and create my own little frequencies that I run at various times.

The present state is a minus 79% relative which means it’s fairly deep in our unconscious. The intensity is a seven and the C one which is to do with homeopathics and it’s the dilution. The present state right this moment is that we have learnt not to be allowed to accept everything. The pattern within is that everything has its price, nothing is given to you unconditionally. That’s a fairly significant pattern to begin clearing, and maybe that’s a significant shared one as well. As a child we may have really believed that nothing is given to us unconditionally. We live in a world of give and take. The throat chakra is shining in through the root chakra for this one which is connected with our feeling of support, safety, our tribe, our family, and it’s physical.

The desired state is harmonization of the communication because it’s the throat chakra. Affirming “I can accept gifts without having to give anything in return”. Maybe it’s really time that we allow ourselves to receive everything that life has to offer and receive those parts of ourselves that we may have hidden away, or that we think aren’t good enough. Let’s receive all of ourselves and receive from the world as well as from each other.

The next one is a minus 92. So again very deep in our subconscious, it’s a seven, which is still up there in the intensity, and is in the mental and spiritual world. The other one was more in the emotional world and this one’s more in our mental and spiritual realms. So we have to learn to express ourselves emotionally and keep control on the outside. This one is shining through the sacral chakra again and it’s a little bit yellow and orange so it’s beginning to shift and change there. So we want harmonization and communication and our personal expression is “I trust my fellow human beings, respect their freedom, and act authentically”.

Now the frequency is going to begin the process of untangling all of that. Once you’ve discussed it, and unpacked it a little bit and brought it into your conscious awareness then we want the frequencies to support our ourselves and support our systems while we shift into that new way of being. So that’s what the frequency vibrations are doing, there are also Bach flower frequencies in here, Schuessler salts, Bush flowers, Alaskan gems, there’s so many other little programs in here that really support ourselves while we’re going through these changes. It will run for the next 25 minutes for everyone. Please stay hydrated and be aware you may feel a little bit tired, a little bit warm, and you may not feel anything at all. And that’s okay too.

Corinna is offering a $30 introductory session to run an aura analysis and check the meridians.

Contact Corinna via Facebook at Access More of You.

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Disclaimer: While it is scientifically backed, Healy hasn’t been extensively explored or demonstrated, it really is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, but rather to support the energetic balance and enhanced recovery, and vitality and well being.

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Author: Sue Shaw

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