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Callista Clarizia Psychic Medium

I knew I was psychic around the age of five.

I just remember being really young and getting visitors in my room and feeling so scared not knowing who these spirit people were. As I grew older, I’d get flashes of future events and things would always come true. By High School I was doing readings for family and friends. It was all coming true all the time.

I didn’t tell everyone about being psychic so it was my close circle who knew.  It wasn’t until just over 10 years ago that I did the whole Eat Pray Love journey and questioned who am I? Why am I here, and I really dived deep into my soul purpose and connected to that side of it.

How can you connect to your psychic ability? 

Being born psychic didn’t mean I didn’t work at it to understand if the messages were correct. When I decided to really discover my psychic ability, I really committed to self and my greatest advice for people wanting to get more psychic and really tap into their intuition is to trust the feelings you get when you know something is going to happen, or you think of someone and the phone rings, or you’ve been wondering how someone is, and they contact you, or you get a weird feeling and then you were right; that’s how you know you’re intuitive.

Find the Stillness

Some people get bigger signs, some people get smaller signs and we need to stop the noise. We live in such a busy world and we’re constantly bombarded by external noise, when you find time for the silence – and the usual response from people is that they can’t meditate – I suggest you go outside, have a cup of tea, still the noises to hear your own voice and when you get comfortable with that inner voice, you’ll start getting a sense in your body and a feeling of what’s next. We have repetitive thoughts and some of those thoughts are messages such as “I really want to do something different”, “It’d be nice to move house” and then we push it down and get busy again but when you stop that noise, those thoughts will come back and you’ll have a sense of, oh I could do this. That’s your higher self, that’s your consciousness so it’s a commitment to self, but the first thing would be to find that silence, find that stillness.

How can you practice and develop your intuition?

I love oracle cards! You can buy them from a crystal shop online, Big W, at Enlighten Adelaide Festival – there’s always places to find cards and just go with what you’re drawn to. They’re an amazing tool, because you sit silently, ask a question, shuffle, and sit with the answers you get. The cards come with a beautiful guide book that helps to give you the insights.

The other one I love to do is ask spirit and say “give me a sign of what’s coming next” and then allow space to receive the guidance. It may come through in a dream, a feeling, even a friend could say something, or a message on a bus, it will come! Ask and let go.

Is everyone psychic?

Everyone has the ability to be psychic or intuitive. The big thing is, we all have different abilities. It’s the same as everyone can go to Uni and become an Accountant, for example. Will you be an amazing Accountant? That depends, if you want to be one.

If everyone dedicated time to journeying into their intuition and really expanding their intuition, they’ll find their sense. So they may hear (clairaudient), or it may come through as a feeling (clairsentient), some people sense something in the room, and may talk through a room and have a weird feeling something was there. Some people have a sense of knowing, they just don’t know how they know, they just know. “I don’t trust that person” or “I’ve just got to do this”. It’s learning what your sense is and that’s the exciting part is that once you discover it, and honour it, you get more and more, and it gets stronger and stronger.

How to receive an answer

When you’re wanting to receive an answer, it usually comes through signs and synchronicities. When it’s a loved one, you will get massive signs but even seeing feathers, numbers, symbols, it all comes through to show you that you’re on track, or there’s someone there.

Some people know that a butterfly is a sign from their grandma, for example, and every time they see a butterfly, they’ll know it’s them. That is trusting their intuition. I love when you get those symbols, I love when you see feathers, numbers, just something and freaky things like finding a feather inside the fridge!

I love when a certain song comes on the radio that has a special connection that only you know, and that perfect timing when it comes through, it gives me goosebumps.

Do people have animal guides?

Sometimes during a reading, it comes through really clearly in someone’s energy. So if it’s a horse, for example, it means you’re about to take off and something’s going really fast. Some people see them in everyday life – they may keep seeing bees and that means you’re on the right track and if you see ladybugs it means good news is coming. It’s not always that you see it in the spirit world, or I’ll see it in their energy, they actually have that repetitive thing of seeing the same symbol or dreams or it comes through in that way.

What about signs?

Feathers are a sign from spirit. If you see a black feather it means transformation, and white means angel connection.

Do you run Workshops?

I run one day workshops on developing your psychic ability and it’s very interactive where attendees get to try all different things. I’m also running individual programs where you really get to connect to your soul’s blueprint, which we all have and that we come to Earth to use, and that program is really about connecting to your blueprint, but then also removing those subconscious blocks that align you with that.

Uncover your Warrior Queen is a 12 week program where first we look at your soul’s blueprint, so really identify where you’re at, and your future pathway and get a really clear identity with that and then hypnosis, which is my newly discovered passion on top of readings. Readings are amazing because I can see your future and I will tell you everything I see in your energy and what’s coming up for you and hypnotherapy assists because we all have an amazing future and an amazing path or the potential to have one if we’re stuck or blocked. Hypnotherapy actually gets into your subconscious to reprogram those blocks so you can have that beautiful abundant life and the 12 week program is identifying that future pathway and then actually removing the blocks to get you there.

When we’re so busy, and so stressed, we can get stuck in a rut and feel like we’re stuck for life or that there’s no chance of change and that’s when you can feel unhappy and get stuck in a rut, feeling that everyday is the same. When you blast through that, because we all have the potential to be truly happy, and during my journey of discovering my spirituality, and really diving deep with hypnotherapy, I’ve really discovered that true happiness is from the inside out. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping everyone with that, because to me, when you can experience true joy, you step into your power, you not only transform your life, but everyone’s life around you.

How do we stop the chatter?

Everyone has to find their own technique that works for them. I have a free community via my facebook page where we have discussions, free meditations and different techniques that can really help. I’m also currently running a 21 day Manifesting Challenge, which is about finding that stillness, and creating the dream life that want and attracting in that abundance so you can step into that future.

I love guided meditations, journal writing, and listening to music is a great one because that stills your mind. Mantras are great too, so when you say “I am” then adding something beautiful after that, you’re actually changing your vibration and the stillness of breathwork. A really simple technique that I love teaching people is just the three deep breaths. Simply close your eyes, or just do a really deep breath in and out, three times, and when you open your eyes, and come back into the room, that actually centres and grounds you back, so all of those things you’re worrying about wherever you were, it actually creates that stillness. Iif you do that by placing your hands on your heart as well, it’s such a simple technique you can do any time of the day. You get back into your heart space and just shift energy straightaway.

Recharge yourself by walking on the beach, feet in the ocean, and whole body in the ocean and grounding with the sun. Another tip you can do, whether you’re in the car, whether you’re at work, just bring yourself back to the present moment and remind yourself that all you need to focus on right now is here. When you do that, you just focus on the now and it changes everything.

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