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Natalie Purcell Detox Retreats

Detox & Reset with Natalie Purcell, Founder of Byron Bay Detox Retreats

Natalie Purcell founded Byron Bay Detox Retreats 12 years ago and is one of Australia’s leading Naturopath Detox Specialists.

The whole philosophy behind Byron Bay Detox Retreats is to support the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual benefits of detoxification to purify your body and heal on a cellular level.

Natalie and her beautiful team of amazing therapists help you to glow from the inside out.

We live in a toxic world and we can’t escape it. There are about 140,000 toxic chemicals that are in our environment, and about 1500 new ones are being introduced each year. We are surrounded with toxic burden and our detoxification organs can’t keep up with the elimination of these toxins.

We all go and service our car and ultimately, our body is not only our vehicle, but it is also our temple. That’s why it’s just so important to take that time out to detoxify, not only physically but because we are holistic beings, we also need to detox the mental, the emotional, the negative thoughts, feelings, old stories, old addictions, that needs to be like let go of which is why it’s such a powerful process, letting go on all those different levels.

I want people to visualize that they are pushing the eject button on their normal day to day life, their normal responsibilities, and stress levels.

When they arrive here, they are being held in this beautiful cocoon of healing light because it’s ultimately all about you, coming back home and reconnecting and strengthening your relationship with self because so many of us have been so used to doing that we’ve forgotten how to just be. Retreat is a beautiful space to actually stop, reset, reconnect with yourself and also strengthen our relationship with the divine, the highest source that we all know exists, especially in this community called the Enlighten Tribe.

It’s so important that we rest and digest to be able to detox most effectively and also it’s a detox from our devices because our devices can become parasites and that can be another addiction.

All of those addictions are taken away – the devices, the wine, the food, the chocolate, and people can really allow themselves to let go of what they’re holding. In our normal day to day life  when negative emotions arise, we often reach out for our band aids, whether it be the wine, the chocolate, or devices, so the beautiful thing about fasting and detoxification is that all of those band aids are taken away, and whatever needs to be healed, comes up to be released and let go.

That’s why at the end of the week, everybody looks 10 to 15 years younger, because energetically they have let go of so much, not just the physical but the mental, the emotional, the baggage, the old ways of being. It’s like lotuses that blossom at the end of the week – quite a transformation.

Benefits of Detoxing

There’s so much scientific research being conducted now about the benefits of detoxing, especially by Dr. Longo who has shown that detoxing allows your body to absorb, break down and eliminate any abnormal cells and precancerous cells.

It’s like a cellular housekeeping that happens within the body. Also, he has shown that within 24 to 48 hours of fasting we’re able to actually regenerate the entire immune system which is quite amazing. The PK enzyme is decreased which is linked to cancer and aging, so it’s very anti aging. It brings down inflammation, brings down high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heals the gut.

Mental clarity, weight loss, so many health benefits. It is one of the most powerful methods of healing that I’ve seen with so many different health conditions because ultimately our body knows how to heal. It just needs to have the right space and environment to allow that to occur and fasting really accelerates that process.

Cold Pressed Juices

The juices we have on retreat are all made with organic, cold pressed vegetable juices and it’s like drinking liquid gold with all the goodness in the one glass of juice. We get more out of a week of juice fasting than we would out of a month of eating nutritionally. We have our three juices spread out throughout the day and they change in colour to make sure that you’re getting all those beautiful phytonutrients.

Then you have your mineral broth in the evening and your herbal teas and then also we focus on the heavy metal cleanse, the parasite cleanse, the liver cleanse, the bowel cleanse, the colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, dips in the ocean, and meditation.

Cold pressed juices is where the vegetables are actually pressed so you’re retaining 98% of the nutrients and obviously it’s a much slower process, but for us, it’s all about the quality and again, it’s organic because you don’t want to be drinking a shot of pesticides and herbicides, which is if you’re having vegetables that aren’t organic, you are taking in those concentrations of pesticides herbicides.

We don’t have fruit juices because they are so high in sugar, we always use organic vegetables. For  example, a green juice would have kale, celery, cucumber and sometimes we put half an apple maximum and then we always add a citrus, whether it be lemon, lime, and some sort of herb, whether it be mint, parsley, coriander. Coriander is an amazing heavy metal detox as well.

Our orange coloured juice includes carrot, turmeric, celery, and cucumber. Turmeric is an amazing detoxifier for the liver, and also helps cancer.

Our red juice is usually more beetroot based. The rainbow of colours is when we’re getting all those different phytonutrients and that really helps support the detox process. Throughout the week, you will become more alkaline with the water we drink. Quite often when people have aches, pains and inflammation in the body, it’s just a sign that they’re too acidic. So when we eliminate the acidity and become more alkaline, I’ve seen people go off all their medications who are on medication for arthritis. I’ve seen Fibromyalgia be resolved. It’s such a powerful method of healing that there isn’t any condition that it doesn’t help with.

Digestion Problems

Fasting is great for digestion problems because our body uses so much energy for digestion and when we actually stop and fast, all that energy can be diverted elsewhere in the body for self healing. Our body has that innate healing wisdom, the vital life force energy, so your body will know where to go to heal.

You’re able to definitely heal the gut by just fasting. I’ve had people with inflammatory bowel disease, and all kinds of different gut conditions and after a week of fasting, it really gives your gut the opportunity to heal and coupled with your naturopathic consultation, because we do an initial one and then a follow up at the end of the week, we’re able to really dive in deep and give you recommendations at the end of the week of what you can do and implement once you get home, so it’s specifically personalized for each individual as well.

We carry two to six kilograms of toxic waste in the bowel and having the colonics whilst you’re fasting is great because you don’t just keep filling up with food again. You’re able to stop eating, really go in and clear out all of that toxic waste and the supplements will help loosen off that mucoid plaque so you have a much deeper cleanse and it absorbs all of the toxins.

If we’re not eliminating it, it can get reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, and can cause an auto intoxication or self poisoning of the system. So for anyone choosing to do a detox at home, that’s why it’s so important that all of your major organs of elimination are open, such as the skin with the sauna, dry skin brushing, colonics, and drinking clean filtered alkalized water for the kidneys.

Can detoxing help with fluid retention?

Most definitely. Detox and fasting will reduce fluid retention and it may also be linked to your lymphatics being sluggish. Part of the detox we do is really working on the lymphatic system as well. Having some colonics will help and also a sauna, going from the hot to the cold can really start getting the lymphatic system moving. I’ve seen someone after just one colonic the amount of fluid retention go down.

Byron Bay Detox Greens

The importance of keeping our system alkaline, because cancer and inflammatory conditions can’t survive in an alkaline environment. That’s why I created the Byron Bay Detox Greens and again, all aco certified organic, and has all those highs, super greens in there, the glutamine as well for the gut repair, and also St. Mary’s thistle, as well for the liver detox and regeneration.

It’s great for the liver, and to alkalize first thing in the morning because when we’re sleeping at night, that’s when we’re detoxifying the most. So getting up and alkalizing instead of going for that first morning coffee for the people that do drink coffee out there.

Fasting and detoxing is anti aging. The less we eat, the longer we live. It’s been proven scientifically because every time we eat, we’re oxidizing. So eating seven meals a day creates too much oxidation. After the retreat you’ll notice a decrease in your appetite and that’s because the leptin hormone is normalised and we realise that quite often it is just the habit of the mind that we then train ourselves to only eat when we’re actually hungry, and to listen to the wisdom of our own bodies, I think is really important.

It’s a great way to reset that after a detox and a fast.

“Finding Peace in Turbulent Times” Online Retreat

This is a five day program with guided meditations, mindfulness workshop, energy healing and I also share how to free ourselves from suffering, which has a lot of beautiful teachings.There’s a meals for healing recipe ebook with 55 recipes, including food, smoothies, juices, plus guided yoga. It’s a beautiful daily guided retreat that is all online and if you need a one on one consultation with me or one of our therapists and counsellors online, for additional support, we can arrange that.

I actually have a client at the moment in Melbourne who’s doing the online healing retreat, and he wanted to do a juice cleanse at the same time so we ordered his juices to get delivered in time for the online retreat.

Another option is to have daily check-ins with me if you need that accountability. We tailor everything to be ultimately what you need.

For South Australians wanting additional support whilst doing their online retreat:

Juice Institute is a great option for ordering online juices and they offer Enlighten Tribe members 10% off if you use the code ENLIGHTEN10 at the checkout.

Bottoms Up Colonics at Old Reynella, Kate Gardner is the place to contact for colonics.

Michelle Harper Remedial Massage Therapist & Wellness at Aldinga offers far infrared sauna therapy, salt room therapy and massage.

Shara Sanctuary & Retreat at Hallett Cove offers far infrared sessions and energy clearing/healing.

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