Family and Collective Constellation Work ~ Susan Altschwager

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Family and Collective Constellation Work ~ Susan Altschwager

What is Family Constellations?

It’s work that I love. I’ve been doing it for over 15 years now. It was first introduced to the world by a man called Bert Hellinga from Germany, about 40 years ago and the work is now global in many countries around the world.

It’s very powerful work and I feel one of the greatest strengths of the work is being able to see what is not visible.

Within the work, there is a field called the “knowing field” and you have the ability when you’re holding the space for this work, to go into this field, which is a place of information and connection, which supports you to bring connection back to what is not connected in our family systems.

The work is also very strong, based on ancestors and a lot of us in Australia  come from immigration and unless you’re from the first people of this country, many of us have lost our sense of belonging, which can affect every aspect of our life, your health, your whole well being.

There are basic principles to this work called the Orders of Love and when these orders are not in place, then this affects the whole family. I also find the difference in this work is when you do have a client, you’re not just working with the client, you are holding space for the whole family system so you often go back into generations, where there was war and trauma and we all have amazing stories in our family systems and great traumas also.

At this time, epigenetics and science is showing us how the trauma gets passed through our DNA. Well, this work has the ability to unravel this place within us and support us to feel this connection and what is excluded in our family knowing or knowledge, often will just pop up in a Family Constellations session.

Things like stillborn babies. If a family doesn’t talk about a child that was born asleep, you can hold a space for a constellation and you can actually see in the space that there’s been a child born without full acknowledgement, and this can affect generations in front of us. I just love the work and could talk about it for hours really.

It has massive consequences on your whole family systems. When that right order is put back in place.

There are many facilitators now that have done the training in Adelaide for Family Constellations, and a new training coming forth through one of the people that I’ve trained. I feel very blessed that these people are coming through holding the space for this work to continue on. For me, personally, I’m getting pulled to look at more of the collective and the largest systems through constellation work looking at the principles.

Does it affect family members who don’t participate?

Yes, absolutely.

When I first started doing my own healing work and when I first saw this, my sisters would often ring me up and say “you’re doing that stuff again? because they would feel it come through. It’s not saying that it always does that, but it can do because it’s energetic and came through the line. I look at it like the Order of Love, if it was a river, and there’s a big boulder in the middle of that river, then it’s hard for it to flow, where, once that Moeller is come to a place where it can then dissolve within us, then that river of love flows through our families.

The profound part of it is that we are often who that it’s like the field asks you to stand in for what is needed for your own healing, even though you’re standing in for someone else’s family, because somehow we’re all connected and great healing can come by standing in for a different family.

If you’re having issues with your mother or your father, and then you’re asked to stand in for someone’s mother or father, often you will experience a bigger insight to what has taken place in your own family system by seeing how it is for another family.

In this work, as you’re being trained, it is really important about being an empty vessel as you’re a facilitator, so that you’re not putting your own stuff, your own judgments of right or wrong, that as you reach a state of emptiness as you do your own healing work, then you can be an amazing instrument, because the field works through you beautifully and then it’s able to go to places that you haven’t been before.

Can I book a session on my own?

Some people prefer a one on one because of the privacy around it and I do my one on ones online now but like I said, there are facilitators in Adelaide that will do one on ones for you in person and also workshops.

We’re looking at a world of great change and so I’m taking the work out to that sort of level into the greater changes that are taking place for humanity. That is what the book I wrote about – the new story, is more on that line.

Many people have this deep service inside them of what I call more than self and this service is a pull to look at the global issues. I want to create a voice and a place where people feel safe to bring in the new leading edge information to support this time we’re living in, this time of transition, with DNA activation, this time of big picture emerging through people. This time when ancient wisdom is rising through people, and they’re needing a place of support, and I’m using constellation work to do that.

I’m running programs and workshops on those, for new pioneers of these times.

Where to buy my book – New Story for Humanity

Available from my website and through Amazon. I’m starting to write a new book and it’s connected to look into the eyes of the future generations.

I presented overseas for different workshops and it’s a global work. My next step of taking it out to looking at the bigger picture is definitely global because we’re looking at global family, and what’s taking place at this time on the planet, and for people to have stability and deeper understanding of the bigger picture that’s taking place because we’re all part of that. I

I feel this sort of work will grow more and more as science becomes a part of the research of showing the quantum fields, the epigenetics through trauma. So that it has a landing place and so that science is coming into those fields that we haven’t understood slowly and slight, you know, but also really crucial to give people a voice that have that natural knowing.

Many people at this time throughout the whole planet have this deep inner wisdom growing in a deep inner knowing about the changes. It’s being able to stabilize this, bring it down, landing it, anchoring it and giving it some strength for global family, which touches our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and the children of the future.

It’s crucial work and I feel a deep pull to the children of the future and our responsibility is for each of us to have a place and a role to play within all this. The picture is big, but individuals, every single one of us have such a unique place in it and that’s what I would like to do with the next part of my life is to support people to own and stand in that uniqueness of who they are.

Do the Family Constellations help with bringing up the vibration of the planet?

I feel it’s really important that we actually start giving a language and an understanding around this, it’s like the vibration is real. It’s taking place, and landing, owning a feeling. I’ve actually got a cafe group that I’m having monthly, and this month is a constellation around the vibration. So yes, I would answer that. Yes. In the constellation work, we’ll find a way through to show to support us and the plan.

I’ve just started the Cafe group to actually support people that are going through this transition. People that are wanting to anchor this new story in them. People that are wanting to give a voice to what the knowing. Each month we have a theme and people can join online via my website.

We just started last month, and I think there were about 25 people last month, but people are joining all the time.

It’s just that honoring, and landing and giving a voice to what is happening to many of us in a way that supports the future generation. I think, through the time we’ve just lived over the last few years, I would often hear words around people having to do this people and having to do that. Where constellation really supports me is that I know I’m not the big one, when I’m talking about putting things in the right order.

The evolutionary forces and Mother Earth are much bigger than me and so my sense of service is to bow down and allow what is needing to come through me, not what I’m wanting, not how I see it, what is wanting of service and that is a whole different way of demanding it to be how I want it to be.

Constellation work helps support that surrendering.

The Order of Love I talk about is that we are not the big ones. What is taking place on the planet is bigger than a personal choice. It’s much, much bigger, and being able to surrender and find peace in acceptance, to serve us, serve our families, serve communities, and definitely serve the future generations.

I’ve got workshops coming up in September, October and November and running the monthly community groups. Those workshops are walking in the unknown, because that’s what we’re doing. We’re where we’re at, we haven’t been before and that’s a six hour workshop online Constellations in Connection workshop. One of the workshops is called the Rising Wisdom coming through us. These are all online.

I’ve just finished a 12 week program called Connecting Back to Wholeness Activating your New Story and it was fabulous. I will run that again next year. 

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