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Convoy Capers with Sue Shaw

We’ve just had our first Enlighten Tribe Convoy to Renmark in the Riverland, SA. Convoy is a bit of a buzz word at the moment isn’t it?

It was so much fun, with 36 people joining us!

We stayed at the Riverbend Caravan Park where I’ve stayed a number of times in the past whilst running the Riverland Wellness Festival and other events in the region.

Enlighten Tribe itself is about community making a difference and conscious, aware people joining together to uplift and share with each other.  The concept started 13 years ago, when I created the Enlighten Adelaide Festival – SA’s health and wellbeing festival and then over the last three or four years, I’ve expanded it from just Adelaide to more of a global wellness collective.

The idea was to invite like-minded people to come along to do a convoy, bring your car, caravan, tent, or book a cabin, and just spend the weekend together.

It was simply a matter of creating the event on the Facebook page, saying this is what I’m doing, this is where I’m going, and who wants to join me?

We started off at a central place and quite a few of people joined us there so we could travel together in ‘convoy’. When we got to Riverbend Caravan Park at Renmark, we set up our sites, mainly along the riverfront, and we had a beautiful communal area where we  put some marquees up and we just all got together in a circle.

The weekend just flowed and evolved – there was no planning, there was no set itinerary, it was just more about showing up and enjoying the weekend, whatever that needed to be for you.

Everyone started arriving on Friday and we just chilled by the river, then on Saturday morning we all gathered around in a circle naturally.

We had massage tables set up under the communal marquees, Colleen Brown offered Thai massages and reiki, we had myself, Allison Coles and Corinna Hartman offering Access Bars sessions, Cameron Day doing CranioSacral sessions, Michelle Harper doing massage and so much more.

We also had a beautiful little lagoon area which was a private and secluded swimming area.

We started off in a circle on Saturday morning and went round the group introducing ourselves and sharing what services we wanted to swap with others, if any. Then I facilitated a guided meditation, and after that people just gravitated towards each other, some went off into one the cabins to do a healing session, and some people had massages and treatments on the grassed area.

It was just beautiful. We also had a few workshops – Matthew Greenwood ran a drumming workshop on Saturday evening and bought along some drums and rattles for everyone to use, and we did that in a circle as the sun was setting.

We even got some interest from five young teenagers that were staying at the caravan park, who had their music up loud but they came over and joined us, which was awesome. So I think we succeeded as a collective to make a difference!

Jodi-Ann Smith facilitated a Family Constellations workshop for us which was an incredible process. Family Constellations is about healing the generational line and the ancestral line, and whatever we’ve taken on from our own parents or lineage actually comes down into our DNA.

When we do our constellation, we actually bring people into it to play different roles in our life, and we observe what’s going on, then the facilitator asks you to feel into the energy. It’s really fascinating how it works because when you play a role of someone, for example, someone’s mother, which was the case for one of the sessions we did, you actually feel the energy of that. There may be some healing that’s required for the person playing the role of the mother, as well as the person whose constellation is being played out.

I’ve participated in Family Constellations a number of times and it heals so much.

Sharon Stewart from Sharon’s Happydemic ran a Laughter Yoga Workshop on Sunday morning which was a really fun session. Sharon just purchased a coaster bus and she plans to travel around spreading laughter everywhere she goes. Sharon is a Riverland local and will also be at the Riverland Wellness Festival happening on 2 & 3 April 2022 at the Renmark Hotel.

So if you missed out on the convoy, come along to the Riverland Wellness Festival and join us there for a weekend of nurturing, pampering, learning and fun.

Kylie Beer ran a beautiful Chakradance workshop on Saturday evening after Matthew’s drumming circle. We danced and moved energy from each chakra centre and in the body, under the full moon and the stars on the grass.

I had a divine healing session with Colleen and she did the full monty for me, or should I say the full work! She does the most beautiful Thai massage, Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing, it was absolutely beautiful.

We were just out in nature, and we had two trees cocooning us, it was magical.

For me being an event manager and normally organizing everything, it was challenging for me to just let go and let it be. I do want to acknowledge Symon Carter because he was amazing and helped put up people’s tents and pack things away. He brought tons of stuff for the convoy and thankfully we hired a coaster bus called Casper, which was great because we actually managed to fit everything in it.

The intention of the Enlighten Tribe community, and also the convoys, is to actually bring people together to provide a place where we can just be, we can rest, we can nurture, we can heal the healer. If you’re not a healer and you want to come along great, that’s not a problem.

We’ll be organising convoy weekend trips to different places every two months and you can either join us for the full time we’re away from Friday to Monday or just come for one or two days, whatever you want to do.

The Next Convoy!

For Convoy #2 we’ll be going to Stansbury on the Yorke Peninsula as it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time. We’ll be staying at the Foreshore Caravan Park and I’ve already pre booked 16 sites along the ocean front. The cost will be only $36 per night for a camping or caravan spot and if you’re a G’Day Parks member you’ll get 10% off that!

There are oceanfront villas for $135 a night and cabins for $114 a night. There are limited numbers of these and I haven’t booked any so please pop over to the Enlighten Tribe Facebook event page and find out all the details to book.

We’ll be going from Friday 20 May to Monday 23 May 2022.

Stansbury is about two hours drive from Adelaide and it will be a little bit cooler by then, but we’ll be right on the beach from rand can have a bonfire on the beach.

We’ll be able to offer healing swaps again if you choose to, and the facilities at the Foreshore Caravan Park are great. They’ve got an amenities block for showers, a camp kitchen, adventure playground, and barbecue. The other thing with Stansbury is the local Dalrymple Hotel/Pub which is owned by a very good friend of mine, Robbie Rankine and his wife, Georgie.

I used to work with Robbie at SGIC many moons ago and we could have a group dinner there, but again, I’m not going to plan anything, let’s just show up and see what happens.

It’s going to be fun! Allowing yourself the space to just stop, to rest, to rejuvenate, to have some really good chats with people about anything you want to talk about. Deep and meaningful conversations. You will feel completely welcomed, you will feel comfortable, you won’t feel anxious, and everyone just gets on with everybody else.

It’s easy, joyful, fun, and friendly.

That’s what I’m all about. As we do more and more of them, I’m hoping we can go interstate too and extend it from being a weekend away to a bit longer. So anything is possible. I’m open to all possibilities and looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

I would love to take everyone to Coochiemudlo Island, where Adaire, who’s the producer of the show, lives. In fact, when I went to stay with Adaire on her houseboat back in September last year, and was running a meditation on the top deck, it was like this huge vortex of energy just came in and something pretty magical happened on that boat.

It was the most healing and rejuvenating few days with Adaire and then her partner Nige joined us and we went to Tamborine Mountain for a couple of nights.

That was the beginning of this dream that I’ve had for many years that’s now starting to manifest. Taking things out on the road and going to different caravan parks, discovering different places and hosting pop up events and participating in existing local markets and events happening so we can really share what we’re doing and enjoy the outdoors.

We’ve created such a beautiful vibe, beautiful energy, and with beautiful people. The intention is to keep growing and building the tribe, and everyone is welcome to be part of it.

The Enlighten Tribe Global Wellness Directory is growing too. If you’re looking for an authentic, honest, professional practitioner, please go and visit the global wellness directory at my Sue Shaw website

There are people from Queensland, Melbourne, and the UK and it is growing every day. We are very mindful of who participates in the directory and only have highly professional people on there.

You can be assured of quality and professionalism at all times. You’ll also be able to find a local meditation group or any upcoming events that are happening around South Australia mainly at the moment.

I encourage you to please go and have a look and check out who’s on there. It’s got their profile picture, contact details, and most of the guests I’ve interviewed on “It’s a Shaw Thing” so you’ll be able to watch the replay of the past shows on my Blog page too.

Please pop over to our Enlighten Tribe Facebook page and check out the photographs that we’ve all shared on there, as well as our Instagram page and LinkedIn page .

Thanks for connecting and until next time, take care. Be kind to each other.

Sue Shaw

Founder – Enlighten Tribe

Sue Shaw
Author: Sue Shaw

Sue offers a safe, nurturing and healing space to uplift your soul and rejuvenate your body, leaving you feeling peaceful, relaxed and bringing you back home to your heart. She is a Certified Psychosomatic Face Reader, Body-Mind Analysist, and Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapist, Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Animal Communicator, Access Bars Practitioner, KaHuna Bodyworker (Hawaiian Massage) and Corporate Wellness Coach. Sue combines all her skills to offer a unique and individual experience, every time, so you receive maximum results. Sue is based at Carpe Diem with Remi's upstairs Haven at 158 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, South Australia.