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Detox & Juicing

Be careful what you wish for!

Juice Institute has been my baby since 2018. I just had a deep feeling that there was more for me. I was working in a nine to five job and knew I had 40 more years of work left and needed to find something that was going to set my soul on fire.

I had 40 more years of work left and needed to find something that was going to set my soul on fire.

I was really passionate about plant based living, and really wanted to do something in that space so my husband bought a juicer and we started juicing at home, and it was a lightbulb moment when I realised juicing was my thing.

I was spending a few days just juicing and doing lots of research and learning a lot about juicing and from there I started selling my juice on Instagram and Facebook.

I was working my nine to five job, would come home and juice and then, at that stage, I’d have customers collect their orders from my house and out the back of my car and that’s really the very humble beginning of Juice Institute.

It grew really quickly, we started to create a beautiful community around us with people that loved the juice and it was time efficient for them to have someone else do the juicing.

So from there, I spent about two years at home with my operation and after a year, was able to take a year off from my nine to five and take some leave without pay.

After that year, I was luckily able to resign, which was the ultimate goal to be able to do something I love and for myself. And the rest is history.

When there’s that passion there and drive, that motivates you every day to keep pushing. You just have to be passionate about what you’re doing.

You just can’t be in it for the long haul otherwise.

When it comes to your business, you have to love it and I 100% love our product.

I love what we’ve created, the community, the customers, and the stories I hear and the people we help and the community we’ve built. I don’t just see these people once, they keep returning and it’s really empowering, and really special. Whenever there’s really hard days, as you know there will be, I look at the amazing team we now have around us who are also really passionate about this cause, and our people, our customers and community and helping them and helping people feel healthier, and have healthy choices and options on hand.

Everything’s made on site and when orders come through online we press to order because it’s such a beautiful product and raw, but it’s perishable and has a short shelf life.

We use glass jars for our juices, and our customers return the jars to us and we sterlize them and reuse them which means the world to us and it’s really helpful as a small business as well. Plastic never ever felt right so that was never going to happen.

We have some Juice Institute merchandise and some beautiful tote bags in the shop front and customers can come and grab a juice to go or you can build a mystery box if you want just pre-pressed juices. Most of what we do is delivered and made to order online.

We’ve got three juice presses that we use here, one is 200 kilos, and produces 1,000 bottles a day, which is ultimately the goal. We just got our citrus juicer so our beautiful kitchen manager Leanne is very excited about as she was peeling up to 80 kilos of citrus on a juicing day. We’ve slowly built up our equipment, our team, our community, and just keep doing what we do.

Our beautiful machine is from the USA and it’s the best in the world for authentic cold pressed juicing with absolutely no heat. It’s a very slow process with strict procedures to ensure we get the consistency every time.

If someone’s juicing at home, I’m all about that and whatever you can do to increase your fruits and veggies is amazing. Why our juice is so special is because we’ve got this incredible machinery which is purpose built to provide this beautiful cold press so there’s no heat involved.

We use raw fruits and veggies with nothing else added which gives us really clean, smooth, living raw juice, which is incredible and you can certainly taste the difference when you try our juice. Cold pressing only lasts four days for the juice as it’s super fresh so all those nutrients are easily digested into the body to give you that goodness.

We do up to 2000 juices a week which is mega and we’ve experienced a lot of growth over the last three or four months.

There’s been some tough times over the last three years and we’ve done the hard yards, especially when we were using our home for nearly two years and I had the 200 kilo press in my house, storage of the glass jars, refrigeration, and a toddler to look after, but I’m living the dream now.

It’s great to reflect on the journey because sometimes it goes so quickly and I don’t have a lot of time to reflect but growth is really exciting and it’s fun, however with growth comes a lot of challenges.

I always say there’s good problems around here, so all problems are good problems but with the beautiful growth that we have comes a need for more equipment, more team members and more training.

Everything we do needs to be documented, like a whole operations manual about how I’m doing what we’re doing rather than it all just being in my head because then I’m just stuck to the business.

So trying to work on training and my beautiful team and documenting and making sure this is something that can one day run without me so I can have a holiday! 

It’s really about that word self care, but I’m really excited tomorrow I’m going away for three days with the family for the long weekend. It’s been a long time for those little moments to recharge because as the business owner it all trickles down to me so if I’m not on my game, it absolutely reflects on the team, on the social media and everything.

Self care for me includes exercise, early nights, little trips away, and all of that stuff helps keep the passion alive and a bit of balance as it can become absolutely consuming. I love it so much and I wouldn’t change that but just a little bit of a break here and there is helpful.

The nut milks we produce are very special. There’s a vanilla base one or a holy cow, they’re cold pressed and are raw, and at the moment we’ve got cashew and almond with filtered water. I’m about to remove the cashew and just have the almonds because I’ve got a beautiful supplier of almonds in the Riverland. I also want to refine it and take away the cashew and just use as much local as we can, if not all local, so just little tweaks to get the right mix.

We do a gorgeous plant based vegan broth, which is part of a winter cleanse, which is lovely, just to have something warm in the evening. It’s got the adaptogens, the mushroom, the Reishi and the lion’s mane but it’s also something you can build on and add your Chinese greens or some tofu into that as a bit of a nice light meal.

I’m about to introduce a gorgeous cold Spanish soup, like a Gazpacho, it’s my favorite and I grew up with it. The new soup is going to be called Mama Pams which is after my mom. It will make a gorgeous summer soup that’s tomato based with cold pressing tomatoes, garlic, onion, capsicum and cucumber. So that’ll be released in the next week or two.

Why did you start Juice Institute?

I wanted more out of my life so there was something for me, and I wanted to find a way to get the plant based message across and help people get more fruits and veggies into their life.

My favourite juice changes regularly, as sometimes I’m a ‘follow your greens’ girl, other times I’m an immunity punch girl. It does change a lot but I drink juice every day and try to have a day of juice cleansing once a week where I just have juice and once a month I might try and have two days so that’s kind of my habit but very often I’ll just have a juice in the morning till midday that’s it and then something light at lunch and then I have more food at dinner. But I love intermittent fasting, it’s not all about the cleanses, it’s also about just a juice a day to get those nutrients into your body.

Juicing should be stress free so that you can just focus on looking after yourself, sipping on your juice, getting to bed early, keeping cozy, all those things and not having to think about anything else really.

We press to order, you come and collect or we deliver to your door and it’s as simple as that.

We deliver locally, within around 25 km from Blackwood, SA or there are collection points at Blackwood, Somerton Park or Norwood.

Where do I start?

I always recommend people start with a one day juice cleanse because I want you to try our juices and make sure you love them and to juice as part of your ongoing lifestyle, not just a once off. I want you to succeed. It’s very achievable.

One day is a great experience and then you might choose to do one day regularly, if that fits with your busy lifestyle. Or you might choose to do a longer experience like three to five days if you want to go a little deeper into it.

Contact Gabby:

218 Main Road, Blackwood, SA,

Phone: 0422 145 835

Email: hello@juiceinstitute.com.au

Web: Juice Institute

Facebook: Juice Institute

Instagram: Juice Institute

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