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William Carter has over 26 years experience in numerology, astrology, and bio geometry and in this interview he shares how to unlock your code. With numerology, we add the numbers together to find the root number, so if the day you are born is the 17th, for example, we add 1+7 = 8. So your day number is eight.

Then we add each number of the year you were born, for example, 1974 would be 1+9+7+4 = 21, then add 2+1= 3, to find out your whole number. Tarot cards are a map of all the numbers. Each Tarot card is numbered from 0 to 21 and is a journey from the start to the end, showing the archetype of your number. When you finish that you go back to the start and you journey again.

The very first card is the innocence, the very beginning, and all numbers start from the beginning. All numbers are the fall, because you come in through the birthing canal and you’re completely wiped of your memory. You think this is the first time you’ve been here. You just come out fresh and you start to try and figure things out and you’re going from place to place and what you don’t realize is that you actually know your mission and everything’s in place for you through your numbers because you’ve chosen the numbers to work on in this lifetime. You’re ready here on the mission to find it. It wouldn’t be much of a game if you already knew what you’re here for, that’s why the memory is wiped and why the full card shows she’s ready to explore on this journey as all start from the zero card.

Number one is the sun energy and is masculine. We’ve had the one operating for 1,000 years, the one is the magician. The magician is not a helper, the magician does the tricks, the magician has the confidence to pull the rabbit out of the hat, that’s why it’s a leader and why it’s manifesting what it wants.

The second one is the 10, which is also a one and that is the wheel of fortune. If you’re in integrity as a magician, as your number one, things will go well and the wheel will go up, but if you’re out of integrity, the wheel can go horribly wrong. You can lose your friends, you can lose a business, if you’re selfish things start happening that don’t serve you.

The other card is the sun, it’s the number 19. If you’re in integrity, the sun will be shining, and you’ll be dancing in that. So your leadership, if you’re in integrity, all is good if it works all the time. This is really interesting, because this relates to you Sue and is the archetype of the 11. If you add the 11, one plus one is two, it’s the high priestess. She is sitting there, getting the knowledge, she’s getting the awareness, she’s getting the insight, she’s getting the downloads, she’s very, very sensitive. She’s picking up what her intuition is giving her. So that relates to you, you’re the High Priestess and are getting the inspiration. The 11 in my deck is the strength card. It’s tough being an 11, because there’s a lot of nervous energy running through the 11 and it’s tough trying to keep that under control but you can use that energy to raise your frequency up to another level and go for it. There’s so much inner strength with the 11 card, even when people put you down for being sensitive, or tell you to get over it, toughen up or something like that, there’s so much inner strength there to tackle anything with wisdom.

The last card is the number 20, which is also number two and this is unusual because it’s the judgment card. Normally people understand this or get this, but this is like a great awakening and it’s normally at the end of life. It’s like a change of consciousness, a wake up call, or it could be a revelation that comes to you in your life at any stage, or many revelations that come to you and all of a sudden, you’re changing your purpose, you’re changing your life to meet that new consciousness that’s arisen in you. For example, this show is a new awakening, it’s a new thing for yourself and a new platform, and new beginnings. You’re birthing something new here and you’re going through the tunnel of light into another consciousness, into another realm.

Now we come to the number 3, which has got the 3, the 12 and the 21, with the Empress. The card shows a pregnant Empress looking up into the sky with her imagination, she’s got her feet on the ground and she’s pregnant with ideas, she’s the creative one, she wants to launch her creativity onto the world. She wants to birth her creative ideas. The 3 brings a lot of creativity. Interesting that the next card is the Hanged Man. So what happened when all that creativity was happening? This could be writer’s block or like a fork in the road, and you have to redefine your creativity. Are you stuck? Are you in a dead end job that’s not creative, but you’re doing it just for a living but it’s not for your soul. It’s almost like a wake up call in the middle of your journey there.

The end of the series in Tarot is the number 21 and this is where we all eventually get to. It’s called the world. We create our mark on the world but the 3’s especially, as they’re highly creative. This is about creating your reality and that you’ve come to fulfilment in creativity.

The next card is the number 4, the Emperor, which is about being practical. It’s about work and systems, it’s earthy, it’s staying grounded. The Emperor is really solid and stable and, as an employer, you’d employ this guy, because he knows what he’s doing and he’ll stay until the end to get the job done.

The next card is the number 13, and it’s the death card indicating that maybe the solid Emperor got too restricted or too boxed in with his thinking, and he can’t get out of the box, he just thinks this is the way it is and this is how I’ve always done it, and I’m gonna stay with it. The death card cuts clear of the old way of thinking and says come on, you can also come up with other creative ways of being practical and reliable and analytical. It’s like cutting the old stuff, and this is the phoenix rising behind the Grim Reaper, and so from the ashes, there’s some great new awareness with a number four on ways of doing things. With this one, it’s the number five which is the high priest, who learns from experience. The fives have got an amazing mind. No wonder he becomes the counsellor, he becomes the wise guy, because he learns from experience, and the only way to do that is traveling, to be initiated to go through all these different ideas, and he’s up for the challenge.

He’s got five fingers and they start clawing their way into the world and they love it and learn by experience. That’s what makes them a wise counsellor at the end of the day, because they’ve actually done it, they’ve gone through the journey.

The other archetype is temperance. Temperance is like, pulling you back in and coming into balance because sometimes the fives can go too far. They’re all out exploring, and they love their freedom but if they haven’t got any discipline, then freedom is hard to get as you’ve got to have the discipline to do the work, earn the money, and then have your holiday or go for what you want to explore. You can’t just keep going and not doing the work. So temperance is great and shows you the right timing, it shows you to bring yourself back into balance.

The fives sometimes get very unbalanced because they’re so interested in everything and they’ve got great minds so they’re journeying. Five is a wonderful number. It’s connected to mercury, the Mercurial mind, it’s lightning silver, so they’re into everything. It’s a Gemini number.

The six is the lovers card. We’ve got the mature lover on one side, and the young lover, that’s just enjoying life. There’s a combination, but there’s that maturity and that free spirit and it’s all connected to relationships, it’s connected to family, it’s connected to love and the best love is to have love yourself before you start the journey out to find someone else. The really interesting card as another archetype is the devil. What happened there? The archetype on this one could be if you’re addicted to be in a co- dependent relationship. If you have too much of a good thing, you know if you have ice cream, occasionally it’s great but every night if you had the addiction to this ice cream, something’s going to go wrong. This is maybe a warning card saying watch out for co-dependency, see how you are relating to everyone especially yourself, are you deceiving yourself in any ways. The devil card is not a scary card for me. It’s like where am I tripping myself up? Where are my addictions, and they don’t have to be a heroin addiction, it could be a very, very simple thing that keeps you in the loop, keeps you not from growing. The six is interesting as sometimes you have that pair bonding – they don’t want to do anything without each other, and that’s almost like a stuck situation.

Collective Tarot Reading for Everyone The Choice card (0) – every choice has led you to this ‘now’ point in time. Where will your next choices take you? Are you in alignment with your choices? Are you being coerced or at choice? Meditate on your direction and choose.  Idealism card (9) – your mountain is beckoning. Have you heard the call? Take action to your purpose. You are experienced to handle the rugged challenges. Ready, willing and able. Detractors of your mountain come from their own fears, doubts and prejudices. Aim your direction to your chosen path. Nothing can stop you. The view and achievement is amazing. You are on top of the world, just take the first steps.  Harmony card (2) – Listen to your inner voice, it speaks what your heart knows. Be in harmony with what your heart wants. It aligns with others on the same frequency. The path with the heart.  Receptivity card (2) – Everything will unfold in its own timing. The beauty of the Lotus within your Soul. Nurture your inner garden and the world will present its flowering. Be patient, be aware and be receptive to your unfolding. You can still imagine the colours, the beauty, the abundance as you stand witness to the petals opening. You were born to the muddy depths of Earth to rise to your flowering. Joyous.  The Innocent (0) – she begins with nothing but her determination to follow her dream. Unafraid to make the choices and take those first steps. Naked to bare her soul to her ideal mountain purpose. Her inner strength Tiger is aligned and is in harmony with her heart wishes. Well matched to anything encountered along her path. She listens with receptivity to the messages of hawk as guidance, assured in the right direction even though things are not yet clear. For above her, Spirit Dove, has foreseen all challenges and experiences to come. Together as a team they go forward. It will all unfold.

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