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by | Mar 4, 2022 | Psychosomatic Therapy

The body is the wonderful vehicle of our soul that has a unique task on behalf of us, because it actually enables the true ability of our expression to arrive and materialize, whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically then environmentally.

Let’s look at the Western medicine model via the body systems. They are all inter-related, our symptoms highlight the condition and content of the current relationship within us. This directly connects to the energetic system (Eastern Medicine) of the body. Relationships are the way in which the energetics of the body recharges us.

Symptoms are moments of internal conflict that require inner resolution.

We currently have a global conflict of the East and the West. This is important to consider as it may activate historical or hidden conflict within ourselves. Global healing is personal. So be gentle with yourself and your lineage at this time.

What is Psychosomatics?

The word has been a little bit bastardized over time but the psycho relates to the mind or psyche or the person. The soma is the body, and the atic on the end is actually the mind body in action. It’s a relationship that happens between my head and my innocence. So it’s really looking at how we interact within.

What happens when we don’t listen to the body?

Let’s have a look and see how conflict is created in the first place. We know that we have biological and environmental influences. Each of us also have our own interpretation of life. So when we put those three principles in a room together and ask them to work out something joyful, it doesn’t always pan out that way.

We need to know how things sit at the table, how they get along, who’s who, who’s where and who’s doing what? I call my history ‘The Barbarians’, if they’re here, hi, I love you all very dearly, but of course there are things that live there that I’ve had to learn to contend with.

As both of my parents died from different types of cancer, there are also habits that reside within my own physical being that can become disease so in honor of my own evolution. I need to be in contact with what my biological history is and what my epigenetics are. What has affected me environmentally but also what is my ultimate translation?

How am I empowering myself with that translation of who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going?

There was one stage in my life where I had no power at all and I had to learn how to reintroduce power as I didn’t have a very good relationship with it. It was one of those things where I had to learn how to have it exist within me.

Life can obliterate us in all sorts of ways, whether that’s as a child and the impacts that take place, whether it’s in primary school, high school, wherever we are, there are impacts, and those impacts split us apart and we have to bring all of those parts back together again.

It’s really about understanding how to put the pieces back together again. What’s the magnetism that keeps me living? What is the magnetism that appreciates as I grow? That invites my mind and the habits of my mind? What is the outlook of that space? What are my emotional habits? What are my emotional propensities, because sometimes I only want a minimal diet emotionally, but actually, there’s a lot more to be had. That in itself also creates how we experience our body.

We are all essentially the same

We all have this same vehicle, we all have fingers, toes, systems, organs, yes, there are some people that are born without some parts, and there are some people that are born with extra parts, and realistically, all the parts are the same.

How we relate to them, how we utilize them, and what we do with all of those parts has an effect on the body and we can see in the body, which part of their life they’re challenged in, or multiple parts of their life that they’re challenged in, whether that’s by their structure, how their body is organized, their body’s willingness to experience muscle tone, or if it has lethargy in the flesh. All of these things tell us so much more about how somebody is experiencing their current existence.

Learning how to embody all of that and allow it to exist – I can trust my physical body to process some of the most horrific things that take place in life. That’s when it actually naturally recalibrates. This is not based on what your logical mind tells you at all, this is about allowing the body to naturally perform its design task.

We didn’t get milk from our mother as a baby, because our mind said that’s the right thing to do. It’s natural, it’s organic and when we’re willing to finally accept how something has been existing within us, and we no longer fight with it, then we suddenly know how to make peace.

Do past life experiences reflect in our current bodies?

Absolutely, yes. Often that can appear on different levels so whether that is a physical response to something that’s nearby, whether it’s an emotional reaction to something that’s occurring, or whether it’s actually something that we hear in our mind, or our mind wants to avoid. We arrive here in this life to evolve but we also arrive here to culminate history.

So anything that’s been hidden in my life, or my past lives will inevitably show up in front of me during this life. As you negotiate this life, be sure to have the greatest of clarity with what you’re working with.

How do we listen to our body?

We will usually have an interaction or a reaction to how we emotionally feel but the body itself resides at a completely different level.

The body itself, when you relate to it, as a newborn child, and you train your mind to create the appropriate space, in conjunction with your emotions, you get direct access to your body.

If you consider the body and the flesh as the deepest of relationships that you could ever create on behalf of your own innocence. There’s your path.

If you’re willing to hear and feel the disruption that may be within your body, the symptom how it may be embedded. Listening also gives life and oxygen to to the symptom, this is where you get physical change.

We need to question our body and if you recognise in your life how you wanted others to listen and connect with you, you already have the direct atmosphere that your body requires, in order for you to feel you.

How do we interpret what the cause of eczema on the body is?

A lot of people have eczema, it’s very common. First, we need to look at the symptom, so we look at the flesh and the skin – the skin is our individuality, it is the layer that resides between me and you.

Then we look at the condition and the eczema itself, when it flares up and fires up, it’s quite angry and inflamed. Then we look at the placement of the symptom and locate it. When we look at the base chakra, that’s about my place and space here on Earth.

At one point in this person’s life, they have had to fight to exist, so the moment that their boundaries are challenged, the body system automatically fires up and creates a defense mechanism. So rather than have that occur in a behavior, it’s showing up in a body symptom and it shows us part of the fear or terror that resides behind that space.

The solution is to learn how to hold space and occupy your own space in a way that benefits and supports you.

Online Training in Psychosomatics

We cover as much as we can online with information about Psychosomatics and also do face reading, hand reading, feet reading. We go through and have a look at the intricacies of how the body exists, why the body exists the way it does, and what the signatures or nuances are inside that form. We have a look at the emotional anatomy. We go through the face splits, so we get to have a look with a deep dive into who you are as an individual, but also where you’re at at this point in time.

You can go to the INTAPT website, which is the Association for Psychosomatics. There’s lots of details around different courses that are available, who’s running them, what’s going on.

There will be some live courses in Melbourne as well.

Zoom Sessions with Sean

We do what’s called a face split, and we go through the whole face and look at how a person is formulated. We look at their mental zone, we look at how they operate, how they function just based on the shapes and also the familiar polarities that take place within a face, all the interrelationships that also take place. It can be very insightful to be seen for who you are, rather than who you might think you would prefer to be. Or how everybody else sees you.

Psyche is accessing the truth and when you plug in appropriately, through a physical form, what you access is just a greater version of yourself.


Grief is messy, ugly, and really sporadic and when we receive just the right loving care and touch, grief can find its way out, as long as we’re willing to allow it to exist in its most unique form. We have to digest it, we have to process it, otherwise it gets suppressed, and it shows up in the body and it’s left unfinished. Grief is an opportunity for closure. What happens with grief is that when a parent leaves, (in this this case we are referring to her mum), when our mum leaves us, all those parts of us that she’s been fully responsible for, and cared for from in utero, are then handed back to us, and then we’re asked to care for that. We’re asked to love that for the rest of our lives. They’ve done their job and then they hand that back to us. So it’s like we are gifted back an original piece of who I am.

 Grief is such a beautiful thing. It’s an amazing, empowering experience. It’s the process of life, it’s inevitable.

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