Enlighten Adelaide Exhibitors

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the festival on Saturday 4 December 2021 at Partridge House, 38 Partridge House, Glenelg.

You’ll find our Exhibitors at the following locations:


Front Porch
Stall 22: Herbal Hindsight, Chris Blackmore

Partridge Room:
Stall 1: doTerra Essential Oils, Nic & Rob Smith
Stall 2: Naturally Inspired Health – Iridology, Sutchain Heap
Stall 3: Your Body & You Psychosomatics, Sean Jago & Robyn Jordan
Stall 4: Replenish U Soy Wax Candles, Vicki Hancock
Stall 5: Ascended Masters Books, CD’s & cards, John Eastwood
Stall 6: Sunrider Australia, Katrina Zaslavsky & Susan Pogorecki
Stall 7: Neora International, Zarah Inwood & Jo Hentschke

Courtyard Room:
Stall 8: Mandala Essence, Vicki Bartel
Stall 9: Gateways to Wellness, Karen Chalmers
Stall 10: Breathe Stretch Float, Jim Ryan & Jo Bezzina
Stalls 11 & 12: Crystal Mountain Healings – Psychic/Medium/Crystal Reiki/Crystals and more, Wendy Reinli
Stall 13: Breathwork Adelaide & Chakradance with Conny, Verity van Balen & Conny van Balen
Stall 14: New You Creations, Diana Hutchison

The Library:
Stalls 15 & 16: Healy Machine, Onessa
Stall 17: Tammy Lee Mansfield – Soul Guidance Readings
Stall 18: Enlighten Tribe/Shara Sanctuary & Retreat, Sue Shaw


Sun Dial Lawn:
Stall 1: Barefoot & Brave, Lucy Hopkins
Stall 2: Skye’s the Limit, Skye Richardson
Stall 3: Shungite Gypsy, Kerri Spence
Stall 4: Serenity & Sunflowers – just be, Sadie Goddard-Wrighton
Stall 5: Heart Centre Academy of Healing, Paula Darch
Stall 6: Talk Out Loud Australia, Mary Gee

Front of House Lawn:

Stall 7: Music Medicine for your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, Anne-Marie Reeks
Stall 8: The Frolic Collective, Jemima Rogers and Bliss Jewellery, Jo Aberle
Stall 9: C-Change Conversations, Helen Curry
Stall 10: Amavasya Crystals, Tania Young
Stall 11: Learn Love Live & Abundaco, Dorodea De Blasio & Mary Palaric

Tranquil Garden:
Stall 12: Reiki Healing Haven, Shauna Antonoff
Stall 13: Inner Serenity Massage & Healing, Grace Mech
Stall 14: RASA Wellbeing – Yomassage, Carolyn Wilkins
Stall 15: Advanced Wholistic Remedies, Tobias Kelly
Stall 16: Rhythm Holistic Therapies – Readings, Kim Haden

Elm Tree Courtyard:
Kids Creative Corner with EcoMoon
Father Christmas and his helpers arriving at 1.30pm!

Community Lawn Area:
Stall 17: Naturally Kate – Access Bars & Massage, Kate Elliss
Stall 18: Y.E.S with Kristy Sapwell
Stall 19: Lippy & More, Annie Carr
Stall 20: House of Harmonie, Anita Tame
Stall 21: Infinite Flow, Amanda Gauci
Stall 22: Here’s to Strength, Elise Riannen
Stall 23: Enlightened for Life, Erika Laxis & Aaron Hinds
Stall 24: Riverdell Spiritual Centre, Justin Martin